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While they will occasionally join each other in the daily mischief, Link will often suffer abuse from The King which leads to catastrophic fights. in his future games, being able to shoot in full lava, in spiked railings, stairs up, under the sea or in the air. ") Make it rain with a song (when you miss all the notes). The magic secret of the song consists of a small sleeping pill that has in their holes, thus making Link sleep for twelve hours exactly.

This leads to making insane decisions, attacking Link, and speaking gibberish.

The King may also contract other health issues in the long term such as liver and heart disease.

Also a close relative of Weegee and Malleo, he is most likely the source of many of Mario's abilities.

Main article: Mario Polo Mario Polo lived during Medieval Times and invented indoor plumbing in Europe. Main article: Ruigario Ruigario was a mentally unstable drug addict who would constantly attack his sons Mario and Luigi.

Link (born January 1, 1985 XDXD age 31) is a Hyrulian slave descended from a long line of similar looking boy toys with the same name.

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Link is the last of his line due to a genital deformity, being unable to reproduce.Link was born in 1985, during his childhood, Link suffered from bipolar disorder and this prompted him to yell in the face to the people. Unfortunately for Hyrule, Link was the only one who could kick Ganon's ass and his lair.One day, Link visit Morshu store to greet him, however Link suffered from bipolar disorder again and beat Morshu with a baseball bat, Link proceed to burn Morshu store and kill him, Link laugh like a psycho and escape from the place. Then Link with more control of his mental problems, embarks on a quest to kill Ganon and becomes a hero.Link is also the main protagonist in You Tube Poop World.His most respected quote is EXXXCUUUSSMMMMEEEEE Princess!Link then agreed and Morshu gives him a few of Bombs.Then, Zelda appeared giving to Link a book that was good for nothing more than to lock Ganon.Become invisible to the guards, (except if two meters) Milking cows playing a song ("Look Mom! Mhar is the last common ancestor between Mario and King Harkinian.often being a jerkass in one way or another to most people he meets, especially Duke Onkled and Gwonam.He is also negligent towards his daughter Zelda and even refuses to give her a raise.

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