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Glass, whose latest book 'Another Forgotten Child' highlights the true story of one young abuse victim, said: 'Children have a right to be safe and in theory all the agencies and organisations responsible for child welfare such as social services, health visitors, GPs, teachers and police officers are there to ensure that this is the case.

Asked whether the girls have been able rebuild their lives and come to terms with what happened to them, Mr Scorer said: 'Of course they are deeply traumatised and distressed by these events, which have lasted over many years.'What they also want to see is some cultural change in social services and hopefully the report is the first stage of that, but they want to press home that point and the legal action is part of achieving that.''The reality is that they were trapped in this situation.

The gang's 59-year-old ringleader, Shabir Ahmed was sentenced to 19 years in jail and can today finally be named after he was convicted of 30 child rapes in another case Monsters: Abdul Aziz (left), 41, was given nine years for conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Mohammed Sajid (right), 35, received 12 years tor conspiracy, trafficking, one count of rape and one count of sexual activity with a child Dangerous: Hamid Safi (left), 22, was given four years for conspiracy and trafficking but not guilty of two counts of rape.

With 48 countries and a huge percentage of the world’s population, the Asian continent produces and consumes a staggering amount of porn in a given year.

Japan is by far the largest market for smut, but South Korea and the Philippines aren’t far behind.

Their report also says: 'Although, between 2009 and February 2012, some improvements had been consolidated, the review acknowledges there were missed opportunities, over the last five years, to safeguard children and young people who have been affected by sexual exploitation.

The review comes just days after it was revealed agencies in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, were aware of extensive and co-ordinated abuse of white girls by some Asian men and detailed a range of offences for which no-one has been prosecuted.The more thorough Serious Case Review I am sure will reveal an even worse picture.'Jim Taylor, chief executive of Rochdale Borough Council, said: 'We must not forget these terrible acts were committed by criminals and I applaud the bravery of the young women for bringing these cases to court.'We are well aware of the issues the review raises and the way the council and its partners now approach the issue of child sexual exploitation has changed.We are now more able to intervene earlier and more robustly.' Co-defendants: Abdul Qayyum (left), 43, and Mohammed Amin (right) 45, were both jailed for five years for their part in the grooming.Up to 100 ‘vulnerable’ girls may have been groomed, abused or supplied cocaine by married fathers Abid ­Saddique and Mohammed Liaqat, and their friends.A court heard the pair used Liaqat’s BMW saloon to trawl for victims, pulling up alongside girls outside shops or schools and chatting them up before a ‘campaign of calls and texts’ to groom them.The inquiry began in late 2008 when Saddique and Liaqat, both fathers-of-one, were arrested for shoplifting and two young girls were discovered with alcohol in their car.Police swooped in April 2009 when two teenagers came out of a flat officers were watching and reported they had been raped.Each country brings something unique to Asian pornography and it can all be explored here.Enjoy the wonderful world of Asian teen sex, where all your lusty needs for jet-black haired babes with smooth porcelain skin are satisfied.Saddique, 27, and Liaqat, 28, plied the ­victims - most from broken homes - with vodka and cocaine before taking them to ‘parties’ in hotels or flats with other gang members to rape or degrade them.When girls refused their advances they were threatened with hammers or thrown out of cars.

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