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Wise diva misadventures in atlanta dating blog

Josh is deftly using social media as a tool to share his story of living with HIV.

If you are familiar with Carol Queen, it is probably as a prolific writer.

In addition to decades of pioneering work as a sex activist and educator, Queen and her partner Robert Lawrence started The Center for Sex & Culture.

The research he conducts as a psychology professor at Harvard is what he uses for material, but you won’t find any boring lectures on this blog.

The infographics, ranging in topic from mistakes during condom use and faking orgasms to characteristics of men who have sex with animals, are the real star of this blog, with an entire tab dedicated to the most popular.

From an ongoing list of “bonerkillers” and “Oh no he di’int” moments to posts in defense of texting from the toilet, this blog covers the things women really talk about to one another, the way women really talk.

Wise diva misadventures in atlanta dating blog

There are no flowery stories about finding love or tips for how to hook Mr. There are titles like “Things in his house that make me glad” (absentee roommates) and critiques of dating shows.Whether it is a vanilla norm or a BDSM extreme, Sunny can (and will! Scarleteen offers “sex ed for the real world”; covering topics of sex, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, sexuality, abuse and more.But they are so much more than that, Scarleteen is a support organization that is there for you and anyone who needs a someone to hear them out and answer the tough, otherwise uncomfortable questions.Sarah Jane has created a feel-good, hedonistic space on the Internet where she writes about things that make her feel good, which is super important considering she is afflicted with common downers like panic disorder, anxiety and depression. Justin Lehmiller doesn’t base the content of his blog, Sex & Psychology, on his personal sexual experiences.She blogs about makeup she enjoys, sex toys she likes (or doesn’t! He doesn’t rely on information gleaned from years in the dating game or gather his facts from the notches on his bedpost.Brian is a Marine who discovered he has HIV while on pre-deployment leave.He talks bravely about his initial struggles to return to the military not only as a gay man, but as a gay man with HIV.Known for pioneering research in marriage and relationships, The Gottman Institute is frequently sharing ways to better love your partner.Their posts are thoughtful and very well-suited for married couples, couples in long term relationships, and families.By educating and supporting others, Josh has created a safe place for the HIV-positive community to have their stories heard and get a break from the stigma of living with the virus.There are useful tools like the Encouragement Wall, a touching way to get or give a little dose of positivity, and the ISJnotify tool that lets you anonymously notify a sexual partner of your diagnosis.

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