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Kittrell had been tapped to design a logo and tote bag for an event thrown by LA indie outfit Warpaint’s YAAAASS! While hand-painting the totes together, he and Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman began getting close.

Warpaint vocalists/guitarists Theresa Wayman and Emily Kokal share a musical connection that dates back to when they met in choir class at the age of 11.

The two friends, growing up in Eugene, Oregon, walked along the same route to school and would make up songs along the way. "Where kids are starting to get more interested in teenage-type things, we were still kind of young and innocent. We just played around a lot." Wayman sensed that her creative bond with Kokal would continue for the long term after they graduated high school and left Eugene for New York together.

”, did it with heartwarming loneliness, but his latest track, “In Our Eyes”, finds it in the most straightforward love. “It was steaming hot, so we went up to the roof and were playing music.

I was joking around singing a love song to him, which became ‘In Our Eyes’.” From that modest, pure origin, the song continued on a natural path through creation.

"At that point, we were laying the foundation for what was to come, just plotting all the things we wanted to do with our lives," Wayman says.

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"I knew she was on the same page in that way." With the recent release of Warpaint's eponymous sophomore LP, the band is celebrating its 10th year of activity.

With a mesmerizing baritone presented in a soulful timbre echoing from 1980s’ England, Chris Kittrell (aka Baby Alpaca) has a way of showing listeners the beauty in a less-is-more mentality.

His most recent single, “Will I Ever See You Again?

And that’s a really valuable place to be.” To jam out their new album, Warpaint rented a domed house in Joshua Tree National Park, a two-hour drive from LA.

“It felt like a new incarnation of the band because there was a lot more going on,” says Kokal.

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