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Validating a new survey

In the example below, we can see that the domain was registered April 22nd of 2010: Note: Keep in mind that the Creation Date doesn’t always represent the date that the business was started, as it could have been registered, bought and sold long before the business.

Social following and interaction doesn’t necessarily correlate to sales but it could be a good indicator of market interest.

Businesses that don't make money don't stay in business.

You can use a service like Who Is to lookup information on a particular domain and see when it was registered.

Differences noted between senior leaders and middle managers were noted in the cultural imposition, discrimination and stereotyping sub-constructs of cultural competence.

Results of the Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) across both constructs resulted in cultural competence demonstrating significance (p= .032) and managing diversity demonstrating non-significance (p= .543) both at an alpha level of .05.

It’s important to think like a potential customer and search for terms that customers would actually use.

Once you uncover a few key competitors, you can use free online tools like Similar Web and SEMrush to uncover others.

The first step is to first determine who is currently selling your potential product.

The easiest way to discover your competitors is to do some simple Google searches for your product idea.

Therefore, a good first step is to look to your competition to better understand demand and potential product appeal.

Although you’ll probably never know exactly how well your competition is doing, there are things you can uncover that can give some indication.

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