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Updating unlocked iphone 2g

Please note in order to upgrade i Phone to firmware 3.0 you must have installed i Tunes 8.2. At Blogsdna you can read his Windows tutorials, free and useful software related articles.Just a quick post to remind every unlocker and jailbreaker out there that if you can’t live without your jailbroken and/or unlocked i Phone, you should not update to 3.0.All other users should choose Whited00r Unlocker firmware. Whited00r Unlocker firmware needs a Push-Notifications patch after the installation.

Updating to 3.0 will simply prevent you from jailbreaking or unlocking your i Phone, no matter if it is a 1st gen or i Phone 3G.

My advice to you: wait a few days for the Dev Team to release a new jailbreak for 3.0 and for Ultra Sn0w (the new app that will unlock your i Phone) to be released.

Here is simple guide for those Users who will be first time upgrading their i Phone 2.2 or 2.2.1 to firmware 3.0. Select your i Phone under Devices in the Source List on the left. In the i Phone Summary pane, click Check for Update. Upgrade to firmware 3.0 is free for i Phone 2G /3G users however i Pot Touch users need to pay $10 to upgrade to OS 3.0 Please Note: Above guide is for those users who do not intend to unlock or jailbreak their i Phone’s.

The guide is applicable for Upgrading i Phone 2G/3G 2.2 or 2.2.1 to OS 3.0 and also for i Pod Touch. Sandip Dedhia is the founder of, he loves to write on technology, gadgets & web services.

Making the wrong decision wont break your device, but you might have to restore the device again because something could be dysfunctional (for example Push Notifications).

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There are two different versions of the Whited00r firmware for i Phone 2G: Normal and Unlocker.

Hi, I bought an iphone off ebay its a 2g, unlocked and Jailbroken, if I upgrae to 3.0 will it Brick my phone?

And if so can i just resync it and it will go back to original settings and put all apps etc back onto the phone? It's rather hard to say how updating to the i Phone 3.0 software will affect your phone, since we don't know how it was jailbroken.

You will loose your activation if you used Quick Pwn to jailbreak your i Phone. If you are super excited about i Phone 3.0 and wish to update immediately, either make sure you jailbroke with Pwnage Tool or rejailbreak using Pwnage Tool and then do the update.

Otherwise wait for a little bit and the i Phone Dev-Team will release new Pwnage Tool and Quick Pwn utilities shortly.

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