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Updating navteq gps maps

BMW recommends that you update your maps twice a year, or at least annually.You can purchase new system map updates at your local BMW Center or online.

All Navteq map updates also require the driver to type in their own unique serial number, so it’s highly unlikely that you will ever succeed in installed hacked or torrent versions of Navteq maps.

It’s not worth the trouble, and could mean you actually damage your GPS beyond repair.

Thanks: Thanks to Bob Simmons from the GPS Navigation DVD website for this article.

Should you wish to know more about this subject then please visit his website which has a dedicated section related to Navteq Map Updates – including video and step by step instructions on how to install new maps.

Navteq are the World’s leading supplier of GPS mapping solutions and supply maps for many manufacturers including Garmin, as well as car brands that develop in-car embedded GPS solutions.

Navteq release new map software up to four times a year, and offer drivers easy map updates for their specific product so they can be assured that their GPS is as reliable as possible.

That's why BMW continuously updates its map data, using a network of more than 50,000 authoritative sources and real-world, real-time feedback from the world's largest connected navigation community to ensure that its on-board navigation system is the most powerful and accurate on the road.

From closures to new streets, road networks change fast–as much as 40 percent a year, in fact.

BMW System Map Updates place the most reliable data at your fingertips, getting you from Point A to Point B faster, safer and more easily.

BMW System Map Updates help you navigate the road ahead with these features: Improve the performance of your BMW i Drive system with regular map updates.

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