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This also proved the perfect environment and timing for the online launch of the UK trailer with our exclusive partner, The Telegraph. All three talent yet again delivered entertaining and informative answers to an absolutely riveted audience, and have continued to deliver great content all day in their junket interviews. A year later, Parker returned to Kansas City and performed – as a character in Whiplashputs it – “the best f---in’ solo anyone in the room ever heard.”This dazzling, exhilarating drama from the young American director Damien Chazelle isn’t a story about the roles played by misery and humiliation in forging a great artist.

Fletcher’s fond of telling the Reno Club cymbal-throwing story, although in his version, Jones hurls the cymbal like a discus straight at Parker’s head.

That’s roughly the style of his own practice sessions: think Full Metal Jacket rather than Mr Holland’s Opus.

Post Q and A there were animated discussions everywhere as the audience spilled out into the lobby. The audience laughed and jeered, and Parker stalked out of the venue, crushed.

BFI LFF Press Screening and Gala Screening – Wednesday, October 15th The LFF press screening had THE most fabulous reactions and the combined result of that and the BAFTA Q & A, has meant that Whiplash was trending in the UK all morning on October 15th! #LFF Mild Concern, @mild_concern Whiplash is astonishing. He took a residency at a country resort, and used the time to "woodshed"; an old jazz term for intensive practice.

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Peter and team are betting aggressively on the film’s playability AND marketability and are opening very wide – over 350 screens. While we understand that the UK release plan is an exception, we urge you to take a look at your own plans and explore going wider and/or more aggressively.

Whiplash is screening at the London Film Festival on Oct 18 (sold out); the film is released nationwide on Jan 16 2015

NID=42492 SYEJk Jg9MEwa2 Think back to your schooldays.

For Fletcher, toughness, manliness and perfection are indivisible, and accordingly, Andrew ends up practising until his hands bleed.

What they do isn’t just drumming; it’s phallic cymbalism.

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