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If you are an attractive, educated, personable lady- of any age, and enjoy socialising on a personal basis, we would like to hear from you. Our company is based in England (London/Leeds/Manchester,) where new associates will be expected to complete a two month induction period.

If you are looking for new/additional work; yearn to embark on a new adventure, and free to travel, I would be more than happy to discuss everything in detail- initially on the phone, then in person over a coffee.

While we do conduct some work around the UK, the majority takes place in London, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Dubai, USA and many other countries around the world.

We are continually adding new affluent clients to our database, all of whom provide excellent earnings potential, while expense and security issues are addressed by means of accompanied travel and our booking system.

Preference is given to those with few ties and the freedom to travel.

Whichever your answer is, whatever the purpose of your visit to Moscow, we are glad to welcome you to our Queens Palace Elite Escort Agency!

We are those who can not only understand your desires but can anticipate them, not simply satisfy your needs but make then real with a brilliancy, inventiveness and an attractive quality of charm.

To obtain such work, we possess database resources, and continue our pursuit of affluent clients in the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the world.

Unfortunately, quality clients are few and far between in the UK, with the proliferation of conveyor belt style agencies and inhospitable salons- copious.

While we dont disregard the usual one/two hour bookings, we concentrate our efforts on longer-term encounters, from several days to in excess of a week.

We are not an agency, nor do we operate like one- more a group of friends, colleagues and associates, providing long-term dates, in preference to hourly bookings.

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