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At this time, his father is a CEO of Boryung Medicine and it is one of the emerging pharmaceutical company in Korea.

"Your behaviour and attitude can now impact others in a greater way, so there is now a responsibility to inject some positive energy into the world," she noted.

Liu knows her every move is watched for she has 3.4 million Instagram followers and more than 18 million on the Weibo micro-blogging platform.

كلمة حق لازم تقال الفانز العربي "فخمين" يعطيهم العافية ماقصرو اتحدوا معبعض شجعوا وتحمسوا مع الكل حرفياً ما نبذوا احد وخذوها بوناسة وضحك صح اننا من فاندومات ثانية الا اننا نفس الهدف عكسنا صورة حلوه لدرجة الايدولز مبسوطين من الدعم 😭😭 #SMTOWNin Dubai UCYZ3zaj G SMTOWN successfully wrapped up their first ever concert in Dubai, ‘SMTOWN LIVE in DUBAI’ 👏 With this successful achievement, SM Entertainment proved its powerful influences as a global entertainment industry! 😆💕 [gyu88203] Vp2f4 180408 - Siwon arriving at ICN airport with SMTOWN from Dubai.

#SMTOWN #DUBAI #SMTOWNLivein DUBAI #SMTLDUBAI #SMmakes IT #MAKEs IT C7k QNy 180406 - Siwon during Heechul’s ment at #SMTOWNin Dubai. The way he teases Red Velvet's Yeri and records fans at the airport is so precious.

They gazed at each other and spoke to each other in a manner resembling that of a couple (that they made OP feel embarrassed ) [cdtosb] SM Entertainment paused the concert to give respect for Muslims in Dubai because it's prayer time.

SM Entertainment, the biggest Kpop Agency yet the most humble and respectful company full of Legendary Artists but still staying humble.She has remained in demand even as the likes of younger, more Instagram-friendly models such as Jenner - who replaced veteran Giselle Bundchen this year at No. Amid the onslaught of younger faces, Liu's earnings this year took a small dip from last year's US million. "Being a supermodel is when this career transforms from a job into something that now involves social responsibility.Still, the 1.8m-tall supermodel continues to carry the flag for Asia since her emergence on the scene 12 years ago, with admirers including fashion designer Anna Sui and philanthropist Wendi Murdoch. A part of your world now also belongs to everyone else.His ethnicity is Asian whereas his nationality is South Korean.He is the son of Choi Ki-Ho and he has made his parents very proud with his extraordinary work. He is much more than that as he is also a great actor.Facts He has a jaw-dropping net worth of 0 million and this proves how successful he has been in his career.NEW YORK • Top names Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr failed to make the cut for Forbes' 2017 list of top-earning models, but Chinese supermodel Liu Wen retained her footing in the ranking. 8, she is the only non-white model in the recently released list that is headed by Kendall Jenner, 22, who pulled in an estimated US million (S million).She knew we were in the same group but still dated both of us."The MCs tried to dig more information about the female celebrity.His chocolate boy looks have won millions of hearts all over the world.During the talk, MC Shin Dong Yup asked Siwon if Super Junior members open up to one another about their love life.SEE ALSO: Super Junior's Siwon thanks Dubai for the special concert Heechul then confessed, "Honestly, we have unknowingly overlapped during the early debut days.

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