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Some of the votes passed at the first town meeting. Unlike its predecessors on this spot, it faced the east. It was a good sample of Colonial architecture, not unpleasing to the eye. He was therefore known to them and, as the act of incorporation required that "as soon as may be" the inhabitants should "procure and settle a learned Orthodox minister" and should thus escape taxation for the support of the ministry in Abington and Scituate, the early fathers proceeded with all due despatch to call upon one whose standing and ability they knew. Dwight ever accepted the of Eer made to him to come and preach for three months, the record does not show. That he was graduated at 19 indi- cates that he was no dullard. Sylvester, Isaac M, Wilder, Lucinda Copeland, Bobert Sylvester, Euth Wilder, James Tolman, George W. The next step was to procure a pastor and, in July, 1854, they called Rev. The voices of many of the most prominent and influential men in that Colony were raised in strong opposition to the repressive action. and Isaac Eobinson, son of the preacher to the Pilgrim Church in Leyden, were especially strong and constant in their opposition. be it recorded that these per- secutions were all stopped by his command, in 1661.

It outlived its usefulness, however, and, to meet the demand for better things, it was demolished to make room for its successor. Smith or just prior thereto, the third church building of this Society was built. The picture given in Barry's History is an excellent reproduction. The first to be honored by a call from the town to preach the gospel, was Mr. He seems not to have been en- titled to have Eeverend affixed to his name; but it is stated that he had preached to this people prior to 1737. Eells, Lemuel Freeman, Priscilla Eells, Eobert Sylvester, Charles F. Damon, Lucinda Wilder, Mary Tolman, Mary Bates, Rhoda Ford, Jane Copeland, Abby W. A petition was presented, under the Statute, to Alexander Wood, Esq, one of the Justices of the Peace for the county, that a warrant be given for a meeting in the new meeting-house just erected on Back street at the Four Corners, for the purpose of choosing the necessary officers and of determining the way to call parish meet- ings in the future. He became a Quaker peach er and, for fifty years, lived and preached their doctrines. Fines, whippings, and imprisonment were the extent of the Quaker persecutions in the old Colony.

Andrew's Church 60 Church of the Sacred Heart 61 First Baptist Church 61 Universalist Church (3 views) 82 First Congregational CJuirch (3 ^iews) 83 Residence of Andrew T. Besides the pastor, the original membership consisted of ten, all being men. It ran as follows : "We do give up ourselves and our offspring to that God whose name alone is Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as the one only true and living God, and unto our blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, as our only Saviour, Prophet, Priest, and King over our souls and only mediator of the Convenant of Grace; ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY. 'They were always good citizens and unyielding in their opinions. Ever since recorded history began, mankind has believed in ■communication between disembodied souls and those commonly ^called living. * The Shakers have had marvellous illustrations of it from the time of the foundation of their sect by "Mother Ann." Modern Spiritualism takes its origin from the so-called Rochester Rappings, which occurred wherever the Fox sisters happened to be. It was but the revival of an old and half- forgotten truth.

Campbell) 173 The Judge Cushing House 173 The Job Tilden House 173 Lone House in Cricket Hole 173 Tack Factory of Ezra Phillips &- Sons 196 The Old Forge on King Street 197 Plant of National Fireworks Company 197 Tack Works of Rodolphus C. His characteristics were strong common sense rather than bril- liancy, steadfastness in the faith, hospitality, simplicity in his way of life, and love of children. The good man always loves and is loved by children; and that, in those hard old times, the children all loved Benjamin Bass is a sufficient testimonial to the goodness of his heart and soundness of his character. Bass' ministry, the formation of the church as distinguished from the parish, .occurred, on December 11th, 1728. Anderson, born in New Brunswick, July, 1866, received his theological education in the schools at Mt. He accepted the pastorate of this church, in Feb- ruary, 1903. Otis Ellis and Zaccheus Estes were two of these who lived longest. D., says that those who believe in this •communication include "all the great names from Abraham to Jesus; all the great names from Jesus to Luther; all the great names in the history of Egypt; all the great names in the history •of India; Socrates, Plato, and the greatest names of Greece; the Oreek Church from the begnning; the Roman Catholic Church from the beginning; the great Protestant Church in the early 'Centuries; the Swendenborgian Church." Thus the historical antiquity and oonsecutiveness of the belief is established. These rappings, evidently guided by intelligence, created an interest in things psychic which spread all over the world.

5 Circuit Street, at end of King Street 144 ]S''orth Hanover, Mann's Corner 145 King Street, near residence of 0. Ellis 145 Woodward Hill 168 John Bailey House (now Ada A. The stones first erected to their memory have been replaced by new ones. Bass's death, which by the church records occurred May 23, 1756, has been erroneously made to read, on the new stone, May 24, 1756. Its decay caused its demolition and there is now nothing to mark the spot where it stood. The records of the First Church, under date of March 10, 1854, show that William Copeland, Sarah Sylvester, Ebenr. In the western part of our town, the people of the Society of Triends were quite numerous, but are now entirely gone.

Simmons 103 John Cnrtis Free Library 130 Curtis School 130 Salraond School, formerly Hanover Academy 131 King Street School 131 Corner of Church and Washington Street 144 HISTORY OF HANOVER. Corp'n 310 West Hanover — Eliab Mill 311 North Eiver Bridge (3 views) 330 Old Teague's Bridge 331 Bridge at E. Clapp Rubber Factory 331 Center Hanover Primary School 340 Odd Fellows Hall 340 Hall of Phoenix Lodge of F. M 341 Library Hall, West Hanover 341 Broad Oak Farm 348 Residence of Edward M. Church 349 Residence of Priscilla Eells 349 House of Benjamin B, Hall 360 House of William Stockbridge 360 The Baldwin House (3 views) 361 The Howard House 368 Hanover Four Corners 368 South Hanover at the Post Office 369 Jacobs Pond at Assinippi 369 Hackett's Mill, North Hanover 376 Whiting Street 376 ( 'emetery (3 views) 377 CONTENTS. He lived and preached as minister of this church until May 23rd, 1756. Bass and his wife lie on the southerly portion of the cemetery at Centre Hanover. Allen's Historical Sermon now in the Hanover Public Library. It came into the possession of William Church pre- vious to 1850 and was for a time occupied by him and his family. neighbor, and stood where Frank Stockbridge's house is now located.

Linotyped and printed by the Memorial Press, Plymouth, Mass. At the annual town meeting, held on the seventh day of March, 1904, John E. The borrower had the privilege of keeping each book two months and the view taken of the enterprise as a piece of charity is shown by the initials marked by Mr. He officiated as a Chaplain in the Army, and gave elo- quent exhortations to his own flocks at home and to the minute men of the town; and so completely was he absorbed in this work that the intensity of his devotion, joined with other causes, affected his mind; and for a period of four years, previous to his decease, he was partially deranged and under the faithful care of his devoted wife. His pastorate commenced December 1st, 1882 and continued until July 1887. When, at the close of the extended trial of Anne Hutchinson,, sentence of excommunication was at once passed on her and she- was ordered to leave the Colony, she rose and passed sadly down the aisle of the church, without a look of sympathy from any one,, until she was near the exit, when Mary Dyer arose from her seat and, taking her hand, these two silently passed from the building- with hands clasped.

Stetson presiding, it was voted that the moderator appoint a committee of five to nominate a committee to have charge of the preparation and publication of a history of Hanover, said committee to report at this meeting : John F. His death took place December 1st, 178-i, about one year after peace was declared; and his remains, with those of his wife, lie in the old burial-ground, grave stones hav- ing been erected to their memory, by vote of the town, March 9, 1796." (Barry, Page 66). Joseph Litchfield of Scituate proved the successful candidate and received a call; but, owing to the strong opposition of some of the Society, he withdrew without ordination and, on the eleventh day of February, 1784, UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, BURNED 1893 A UNIVERSALIST CHURCH (1908) FFRST CONOR EC ATIOXAL CHIli CH, BURNED 1862 FIRST CO. He was born in Fitchburg, March 17th, 1841; graduated from Harvard college, 1863, Chicago Theological seminary, 1865, and from Andover Theological seminary, 1866. He was in the Methodist denomination for ten years follow- ing, serving a number of churches in this state and in Connecticut. His last charge was in West Newbury, Mass., 1889-1890, when failing health compelled him to retire from his chosen work. "Morning o'er the Pilgrim city Breaking still and sweet. Edward Foster settled in Kent street, in Scituate, in 1633.

About 1784, a bell was presented to the Society by Mr. The year of its erection, a town hall was built in its rear and only about 6 ft. In 1863 the present structure was erected, immediately after the destruction of the old church. Be it enacted by this Court, that with all convenient speed a House of Correction be erected, that all such vagrants may be put in this House of Correction." Incidentally it should be remarked, in passing, that this is the first time in our records that the jail is referred to, in any legal document, as a House of Correction, — a title which it bears to- day.

Joseph Tolman, the contractor of this new church, had com- pleted his work, the church bore this New England distinctive mark of a house of worship. Unlike its predecessors, this church was not used for town meetings. When the church burned, the town hall went with it. The Pilgrims, with laws almost as severe, sought to keep them- selves free from the Quakers, but were much less stern in the ex- ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY. The former drove away the Quakers be- cause they were in control of a government of which they wished to keep control; the Pilgrims, because, having come here to be alone, they wished to keep themselves alone. The Court of Assistants in 1658 passed the following order: "Whereas, sundry persons, both Quakers and others, wander up and down in this Jurisdiction and follow no lawful calling, and also use all endeavors to subvert Civil State, and to pull down all Churches and Ordinances of God.

UMASS/AMHERST iiillllilliillililiiiil- This book is fragile. Please handle it with care so it will be here when you need it again. Copyrighted, 1911, By Town of Hanover, Massachusetts. Millet were appointed as that committee, and they reported the following names : Jedediah Dwelley, Morrill A. April 8, 1748, 14£ 15s was collected to buy good books to lend to the Society. March 8, 1779, he asked his dismissal and obtained it, after a pastorate of twenty- three years, three months, three days, during which time he had baptized six hundred and thirty-two persons and one hundred and seven new members had joined his church. Baldwin early espoused the cause of America in the struggle with Great Britain, and, throughout the continuance of the war of the Eevolution, took a deep and anxious interest in his country's success. Dowden served the church a second time, from May, 1888, until July, 1890. As hers was perhaps the saddest example of the persecution of her day, a few words regarding her and a brief quotation may be ex- cusable.

V863 DATE DUE OV/^^^ (^..v^^^^Aii L LOa^- GIFT TO UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LIBRARY from The Friends of the Library of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Smdtyu L ^j Wk Y^^ Qto Uo Lia J^ ho^yi M^/ HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF HANOVER MASSACHUSETTS WITH FAMILY GENEALOGIES By JEDEDIAH DWELLEY and JOHN R SIMMONS Published by the TOWN OF HANOVER, 1910. Simmons, aforesaid, to prepare and write the history. Simmons Frontice The Country Road at Rocky Swamp 12 Indian Head River at Soutli Hanover 12 Old Bridge at Drinkwater 13 North River at the Bridge 13 Town House 33 Almshouse 32 Hanover Street at Rev. But it was a collection of books for public use, though that public was limited. Full specifications as to size and finish of the house were made and the house was accepted by the new pastor, March 5, 1759. The strain and stress of the Ee volution made it im- possible to keep up the prompt payment of the clergyman's salary and he was forced by this circumstance to resign. Johnsbury, Vermont, supplied the pulpit (being a student at Andover) from August, 1890, until May. While Mary Dyer's history is well known, it was not intimately associated with Hanover, although doubtless she was at some time within its borders, and she spent a season in our county jail.

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