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During class I soon found out why this may not have been the best idea: I’m getting really wet.I knew what I would be doing with Duke after class and the naughty thrill of being without underwear at all was arousing me too.

It’s not that long of a knot, ten minutes or so, since dog fucked me a few times already Monday and Tuesday.

He pulls out and his semen flows freely from my pussy, but again, not that much of it.

First thing I had to do was pick up a few more skirts, because I didn’t have just one day of fun in mind and didn’t want to be reusing the same one or two.

School started again on Thursday, so I had some plans for Wednesday through Friday with Duke.

I help him find the wet entrance he was looking for and inhale deeply as I feel his long dick fill up my pussy.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for began pounding my pussy hard, no questions if I was ready, he was ready and that’s what matters.I call dog’s into the bedroom and let him know that I’m a stressed school girl worried about full time school starting again and that I need some tension relief.I do realize he cannot understand me, but I’m more comfortable doing roleplay stuff with him because I know he’s not judging me (the main reason why people tend not to do much roleplaying with a partner, you know). I don’t even take any of my clothes off and never had any underwear on to begin with.I’ve only been able to give myself a few orgasms before I can feel his knot swelling inside me.He fills my pussy with his knot and begins pumping his semen into my vagina and I keep rubbing my clit.It has to be a really high level of arousal, sustained constantly for a while before that happens. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for at my apartment now, leave my backpack at the door after getting in and head immediately to the bedroom, bringing Duke along.He was confused at first but knew exactly what to do once I spread my legs for him.Dog Fucks A Me (Thursday) This Animal sex story was exclusively written for that school’s back in session for the semester, I have to start waking up early again.It also means Duke and I have to wait a bit before being able to have sex.Normally I forgo any sexual fun with dog on Friday’s to build some tension and excitement over the weekend for Monday.Not this time though, a nice special occasion will see us having some fun on Friday.

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