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Radio 1 dj dating ellie goulding

The song was dominated by trap beats in chunks and bass.

Its lyrics, which depict female sexuality, are sung by Beyoncé in a sensual and confident way.

Tearing down the Rob and Blac Chyna meltdown, and just what does the rest of the Klan think about this? The guys LOVE the new unreleased Shania album but her team doesn't like all of Perez's comments about it. Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter and The Kardashians are all​ here because we're serving drinks and they're all super thirsty. Tragedy has struck and the guys try to make sense of it all. Tons of new music has littered the world and the guys judge the good and the really bad. Would an American Idol return be a good thing and just who are the rumored judges?

Fifth Harmony and Demi fans are both pissed.​ And, are today's ladies wearing enough clothes? A professional troll has apologized to Perez but does he accept the apology. A thirst update from the Kardashians.​ And, would you really want Oprah at your wedding? The Calvin Harris apology tour marches on.​Perez has managed to tick off an entire country, we'll tell you why. is a thing people..​Perez is having problems sleeping with his mother..(yeah, you read that right) Also, his team hates our idea for marketing this show. And there is just one thing that bothers us about DJ Khaled..​If it could go wrong, it has, but we've made it to show 100 and it's the worst party ever! Was Steve Harvey entirely in the wrong with his stern demands for his staff?

Should Taylor fans be worried that her new album and direction may bomb? And, Kylie is still preggers.​If you thought the country was divided, wait until you hear Perez vs. Rita Ora isn't Bey's "Becky with the good hair." And Perez finally admits that he's completely bored of anything Kardashian. Perez went to Disney and Chris Brown wants your sympathy. He also has some strong opinions about the American Idol runner up and her comments about "gay lifestyle." The guys also learn that Kylie Jenner made wigs a thing. The guys dissect Perez's birthday party and Booker chastises him for his lack of game.

Mariah is getting bank from her ex, but does she deserve it? Perez ghosts the world only to reveal that he's had another kid. Bieber does more things that Perez doesn't like that Booker doesn't have a problem with. Details on the Taylor and Calvin split and the spin that's all over this story. Billy Bush is moving to the Today Show, so will this affect Carson Daly's status? Blac Chyna and Rob K are pregnant and Booker still isn't buying the relationship and also wonders is if Perez is a Kardashian Superfan. Perez breaks down the Met Gala fashion and gives his top 3 best and worst dressed. Booker saw the Kardashian Klan and you won't believe what he DIDN'T see.

Even more celebrities were hacked and these pictures are somehow even more graphic than ever. Do artist really owe us anything other than their art? There is a very thirsty tv star that is bordering on inappropriate. Also, should the SNL writer be fired over an insensitive tweet about Trumps kid? From Mariah's New Years Eve snafu to the "romance" of Dra-Lo, we've got the summary of all of the big holiday stories.

Radio 1 dj dating ellie goulding

A lot of new music releases to discuss from Miley, Katy, Harry, Iggy, Camilla and more..​Together, Perez and Booker went to hear Shania Twain's long awaited new album and they both give their thoughts about her new songs and share the hilarious highlights of their evening. Are Taylor Swift and her new bf playing things right with the press. And why do so many people photo-shop pictures of themselves? It's the last show before the "Election Armageddon! Perez defends Madonna's honor over the dark force that is Booker. Pop music is lacking "Divas." And, would you listen to your​ favorite pop stars unreleased music if you knew that they didn't want you too? Could they both be suffering from the same disorder? HBD Taylor Swift with a shoutout to Bella Thorne too.It has been an eventful few years for Ellie Goulding.In between playing at the royal wedding and breaking America, she found time to perform for Barack Obama at The White House and record a second album. I love going running around Hyde Park.” Her second album Halcyon, which entered the charts at No 2 this week, was written after the split from James last year, although Goulding — who is now dating US DJ Skrillex — insists they are still good friends.Recapping a week where Perez ticked off Xtina, Mariah, Taylor, Moms and some gays.. Idol ratings continue to slide the wrong direction. Go to Sun today to learn more and get off your first order! and get twenty-five percent off your design package. Go to today to learn more and get off your first order! Scott Disick is sooo "new money." Will listening to Taylor Swift make you gay? Follow us on social: https:// Harry Styles playing for both teams? and get 25% off your design package. and enter promo code PEREZ to get three items FREE off your first box! Perez is still hate watching Celebrity Big Brother and also doesn't get why Booker watches the Bachelor. And, are ALL female models guilty of this one thing... Also, Perez reviews new music from a pretty big group and wasn't feeling it. ruins One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, you and ILyrics taken from If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts."Drunk in Love" is a song recorded by American singer Beyoncé featuring her husband, American rapper Jay Z.Goulding, who has just bought a flat in the West End, said: “It’s really calm, it’s friendly. Because he’s well known people are always going to be interested.He’s such a lovely person.” She added: “Greg and I are mates, and I played him some of the new songs, and he loved them.” Despite her success here and in the US — her debut 2010 album Lights sold 1.5 million copies — she insists she won’t succumb to the temptations of fame.

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