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Predating speed

The group of chase initiators coordinate their chase to lead the prey towards the location of the second group, where the prey's escape path will be effectively cut off.

Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops) have been shown exhibiting similar behaviors of pursuit role specialization.

However, the fish are completely vulnerable in the air; it is at this point when the dolphins leap out and catch the fish.

Such specializations in roles within the group are thought to increase sophistication in technique; lion wing members are faster, and will drive prey toward the center where the larger, stronger, killing members of the pride will take down the prey.

The chase ends with either the predator capturing and consuming the prey, effectively diminishing the prey's fitness, or with the prey escaping the predator's hunt, thus maintaining the prey's overall fitness, but leaving both prey and predator with metabolic losses.

Pursuit predation is typically observed in carnivorous species within the kingdom Animalia, with some iconic examples being cheetahs, lions, and wolves.

Since groups can engage in longer chases, they often focus on separating a weaker or slower prey item during pursuit.

Group pursuers hunt with a collection of conspecifics.

Group pursuit is usually seen in species of relatively high sociality; in vertebrates, individuals often seem to have defined roles in pursuit.

African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) packs have been known to split into several smaller groups while in pursuit; one group initiates the chase, while the other travels ahead of the prey's escape path.

As in vertebrates, there are many species of invertebrates which actively pursue prey in groups and exhibit task specialization, but while the vertebrates change their behavior based on their role in hunting, invertebrate task delegation is usually based on actual morphological differences.

The vast majority of eusocial insects have castes within a population which tend to differ in size and have specialized structures for different tasks.

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