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Yesterday Piers Forster, Climate Change Professor at Leeds University, said: ‘The fact that global surface temperatures haven’t risen in the last 15 years, combined with good knowledge of the terms changing climate, make the high estimates unlikely.’ And Professor Judith Curry, head of climate science at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, said: ‘The models are running too hot.The flat trend in global surface temperatures may continue for another decade or two.’ Avowed climate sceptics are more unequivocal.

But for anyone – like myself – who has been vilified for holding such an unfashionable view, possibly the most important thing about it is its source: the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).A glance at the graph will confirm that the world will be cooler than even the coolest scenario predicted. The line showing world temperatures comes from the Met Office ‘Had CRUT4’ database, which contains readings from more than 30,000 measuring posts.This was added to the 75 and 95 per cent certainty bands to produce the graph by a group that amalgamates the work of 20 climate model centres working for the IPCC.Yet this prediction is used to justify the ugly wind farms spoiling our countryside and billions in unnecessary ‘green’ taxes that make our industry less competitive and add up to £100 a year to household energy bills.Man-made global warming has become scientific orthodoxy, with no room for dissent.It said the planet was already ‘a sixth of the way towards the next ice age’.While recently every kind of extreme weather event has been blamed on warming, in the Seventies the culprit was cooling.No, the world ISN'T getting warmer (as you may have noticed).Now we reveal the official data that's making scientists suddenly change their minds about climate doom. The graph on this page blows apart the ‘scientific basis’ for Britain reshaping its entire economy and spending billions in taxes and subsidies in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.So will eco-funded MPs stop waging a green crusade with your money? These moves have already added £100 a year to household energy bills.But when the latest official global temperature figures from the Met Office are placed over the predictions, they show how wrong the estimates have been, to the point of falling out of the ‘95 per cent’ band completely.

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