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I e-mailed these findings to Phil, who took it all in stride and quipped back that he is still self-centered.

In January 1975, I scribbled that I would go out with him again if he called, but not on a regular basis.

Now in our early 40s, neither of us had ever married.But that was before I went online last year -- before I discovered cyberdating.Since then, it's been Allan in Toronto, Larry in Brooklyn and Mark in Phoenix.We began a rapid succession of e-mails, filling each other in on the missing 22 years.Our paths had taken similar turns so there was a certain postmodern poetry about it.The transition from anonymous e-mail to the more immediate presence of the telephone was a bit unnerving. My friend George said he hoped the reunion would be enjoyable, but what if it was? He neglected to tell me he had shed the amorphous beard and nerdy glasses since college.Over dinner, we chatted about our jobs, families, dating history.You can dazzle chatmates with a clever word here, coy repartee there. As a single gal pal explains the appeal, e-mail relationships offer the intimacy-challenged man "the illusion of closeness, without the reality." I have much younger suitors whose romantic ardor I discourage and invitations from overseas that are sweet, but impractical.And no cybersex please, not even with the charmer from Cleveland who proposed marriage during our first two-hour chat."If Superbad were remade as a gimmicky Nickelodeon movie, it would probably look something like Drillbit Taylor" Josh Bell wrote in the Las Vegas Weekly.After Apatow insisted that he would work better in real life situations, the two agreed on the accidental pregnancy concept of this production.

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