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It takes at least 25 minutes during a class period to get students apps working again between the 30 i Pads in my classroom.

We also have apps that have in app saves, like Notability, and if you delete..of my students work is gone when re-installing the app over instead of just getting the update, like we could get before using JAMF and Self Service.

If you intend to write to whatever cell the cursor is currently in, you should remove the reference to specific cell and use Active Cell() instead.

If you'd like to write to specific range, you should reference it in your function.

I'm working on creating a system for other teachers to easily track their students' progress.

I've got a spreadsheet with individual sheets for each student and then a sheet for an overview of all students.

Is there anyway to make this function automatically update?

It will not update because all that function does is return an array.

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