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My handcuffs were removed and I was told to go ahead and make myself cum.

I wasnt sure about doing in front of everyone, but I needed it so badly.

The cage would be placed over my head and it would be in the base of the table.

They wore skirts with no panties and sat on the stools that had a hole in them with a pot underneath. Kneeling, naked, handcuffed with that hood over my head and the tube in my mouth. I began to wonder, the tables only had four chairs at them, but the hood had 5 hoses. It came so quickly and I had to swallow constantly to keep up.It took about 10 strokes and I sprayed all over the floor.I expected to have to lick it up, but was thrown a towel and told to clean it up.It was an ad for a bar catering to woman and they were looking for a piss boy. She explained that it I wanted to do it, I would cost me 0.I would agree to work for 3 nights, a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.I was told this was all the info I would be given over the phone. My first experience drinking piss could be forced with no way to stop it for 3 days. I agreed to do it and was told to be at the club 10 am on Thursday. Gina told me to remove all my clothes and place everything I had brought in the locker. Kate come up behind me and placed handcuffs on me, locking my wrists behind my back. I was shown the cages where the piss boys were kept and then taken to the main room.She explained these were for control and also to keep me from touching myself. There were 19 other naked, handcuffed men in the room. It was a high round table held up by a metal post that ended at a domed metal cage that sat on the floor.My tongue moved and piss began to flow and the pain stopped. I was still handcuffed, but was allowed to walk around the bar to stretch my legs. I was so turned on and wanted to cum so badly I didnt think I could stand it. Just from bondage and drinking piss how messed up were we?Turns out there was a float valve in the hoses and if the back up got too high, it sent a signal to electrodes on my balls. I dont know how long it went on, but finally it stopped and no more came. Then a beautiful woman stepped up on stage where the band for the evening was putting away their instruments.I was then told to kneel back down and the floor sections were put back in place with my neck in the center.The cage at the bottom of the table was placed over my head, so I was part of the center pedestal.

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