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There’s an odd cameo by Werner Herzog, back when such cameos were a lot rarer than they are now. is a change of pace for him — Ezra is a straight-arrow sap whom Will Smith’s character decides to help, and so the actor mostly has to project uncomplicated goodness. And considering how many great movies have been made about boxing, this is a big problem. The film asks little of him, although he does provide a certain amount of authority to the line reading: “You have any idea where I can buy about two acres’ worth of weed?

” 1999)This Ron Howard comedy was a direct reaction to the reality-television trend that was beginning to take over television, and it somehow squanders the charm of both Mc Conaughey and Harrelson, who would reunite much more successfully on . was a necessary corrective measure: a wry indie about Arthur, an ordinary guy who decides to turn himself into a Batman-like vigilante, clumsily named Defendor, who believes he’s out to stop a mysterious nemesis he calls Captain Industry.

The movie’s approach to comedy is perhaps best illustrated by the poster, which features Harrelson and Sutherland on horseback in the middle of traffic in New York City, looking befuddled.

Woody Harrelson cools off in the hot Florida sun with an impromptu skinny dip with actor friend Owen Wilson.

The Natural Born Killers star, 46, has been hanging out with the Wedding Crashers actor in Miami while Wilson films his latest movie Marley & Me.

It was too bad you couldn't just open up to your fans with honest answers instead of peddling your latest movie. Please for the love of god someone tell me this is his agent, or some god damn troll.

Oh well, I'll just assume some clueless PR person convinced you to do this (assuming this is even you). This is AMA not OATAR (ONLY ASK THINGS ABOUT RAMPART).

After spending hours under the blazing sun watching the centre court action, Harrelson couldn't wait to get back to his Miami waterfront home and rid himself of his sweaty clothing. After enjoying a dip in Miami Bay, Harrelson climbed out of the Atlantic for a naked work-out on his private dock.

As he hoisted himself out of the water, Harrelson showed his tan wasn't quite all over as he flashed his backside.

Harrelson, wearing another silly wig, plays a poker player who has been married 75 times, if you’re wondering how seriously this movie takes its proceedings. Part of the problem is that Shelton doesn’t seem to care as much about the film’s central sport (boxing) as he did about basketball, golf, and baseball, and it shows.

Again, Harrelson is a funny actor, but it sort of looks like improv is just not his thing. Harrelson is a boxer vying with another boxer (Antonio Banderas) for the heart of a woman (Lolita Davidovich), but the metaphors about love and baseball, or love and golf, or love and basketball, just can’t hang tightly enough with love and boxing. ’s sensitive, directionless hero James (Nick Stahl), he’s mostly just coasting on backslapping charm and a stoner’s sensibility.

The movie’s not quite as bad as its reputation — it was a massive flop when released — but the mix of satire, broad comedy, and “social commentary” is not in Howard’s strike zone, and ultimately, both Mc Conaughey and Harrelson feel a little straitjacketed. Suffice it to say, Arthur has severe psychological problems brought on by family trauma, and imagines what would happen if Bruce Wayne didn’t have millions of dollars and was, instead, just a tormented regular schlub.

The premise is a lot better than the execution, though, despite Harrelson’s ability to bring out the sweetness and decency in a deluded fool who can only communicate with the world through his love of graphic novels. Merritt Mc Kinney in the populated by a bunch of Scott Caans.” Merritt is a hypnotist and psychic, which requires Harrelson to say a decent amount of his dialogue while holding out one of his hands — he’s channeling the psychic waves, man — and rocking a shit-eating grin. , and the actor doesn’t help the cause by delivering an oddly one-note performance.

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