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Therefore, through this representation of astrology, the tattoos are also a means of speaking for the personality type of a person.

There are image tattoos like of the ‘ankh’ (eye), the pyramids, Anubis,and also most uniquely to this form of tattooing, the hieroglyphic tattoos.

Hieroglyphs were ancient forms of pictorial language among the Egyptians found till date on pyramids, tombs, paintings and many other places.

They have gained popularity very recently and do not have age-old heritage as Samoan tattoos.

Nonetheless, these tattoos are a symbolic representation of the gods and goddesses of the Hawaiian tribes while sometimes also representing sacred animals.

Tattooing in most African tribes is not limited to ink but extends to intentionally created scars through scarification and body painting.

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Subjects of the tattoos range from plants, animals, holy spirits, gods and goddesses to geographical and regional presence, membership, rights and protection.

Maori The Maori tribe of New Zealand has deep roots to tattoos.

The tribe held the belief that the face and the head were the most divine parts of a human body and thus tattooing the face or the head was considered honorable.

Hieroglyphs were created through representation of common objects well known by society.

Placing these pictures in a structures sequence, created a message or a form of communication much similar to the windows font ‘Wingdings’.

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