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Intimidating facebook status

Some days I'd wake up and go online to see Facebook status updates like, "Just filmed a segment on --check it out!" when all I'd done so far that day was brush my teeth and have a cup of coffee.

Except for the people who deliberately cultivate cynical, snarky social media personas, and to my shaky self-esteem self, even this is something to be envious of; I feel like an insecure middle schooler looking up the tough high school girl with dark eyeliner who smokes outside metal shop and does not care about anything, and like I could never be that cool.

First of all, when I'm depressed, I don't want my depression seeping out all over Facebook and Twitter.

And from this deep depression I tweeted things like, "It's Monday, a brand new week full of new possibilities!

" when the last thing I wanted to do was face another week.

I didn't feel like was possible and what I really wanted to do was crawl under my covers and never come out.

And the disparity between my real life sadness and my social media cheerfulness made the depression hurt even more.I have to block out the noise of everyone else's lives flitting by in oppressively cheerful status updates and impossibly witty tweets, and then I can begin to get back on track, change out of my pajamas, and put one foot in front of the other along the winding road of my own path. I'm another PT Personal Perspectives blogger and love your writing and your humor. Smart Custom prices That's why a lot of students opt to acquire help with their college admissions essays prior to submitting them.Yeah seriously - who are these people who upload stuff all day long??? I thought i was the only one that facebook made me feel like a lepar.There are the people checking-in here and hanging out there, tagging each other with inside jokes, and I feel like I'm reading someone else's high school yearbook, and that person is having the best time EVER!and I'm still in my pajamas drinking my coffee as life passes me by in tweets and status updates."And that's just the professional accomplishments, which come fast and furious.Then there are the declarations of eternal love on anniversaries and spouses' birthdays, pictures of happy couples, giggling babies, joyous families, and exotic, expensive vacations.Untethered, I float away from my ability to feel good about myself and my accomplishments even if I don't have an agent, a book deal, an appearance (or several) on under my belt, a husband to have conversations with about how deep our love is on Facebook for hundreds of our friends to read, or THE MOST AMAZING LIFE EVER!And on Facebook and Twitter, thousands of other people's paths are constantly in my face all at once.I am in my mid fifties , happily married but can not believe i have gotten this far with no real friends.Hello Jennifer, Thank you for your thoughts about the electronic social one up personship of facebook and others.

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