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However, I have not yet successfully built a way to finance going right into that project and still cover my current expenses.Consequently, I've worked in a wide variety of "temporary" jobs and delved into a number of other efforts with the intent of building enough income to support my ultimate endeavor.

My employment background, while primarily centered on [computer] software and hardware development, is highly diversified and touches on many other fields.Leave word for him if he shows at your house, and go to the prom anyway. You take a minute to fix your make-up and hair in the ladies room and when you return, your friends inform you that your date left with his buds to start the partying early. If a guy can do this on one of the most special nights of your life, then he is a real creep!Just finish the night off and have fun without him.You didn’t have time to go with your date to pick out his tux, but you did tell him not to clash with your dress. Whatever you do, don’t cry and ruin the make-up that took forever to put on.Well he shows up and it doesn’t matter what dress you would have chosen; He clashes with everything! Okay, so it was inconsiderate of him to get such a flashy outfit, but what can you do? Who knows, this may put you in the yearbook a bunch of times. After pondering over whom the perfect prom date would be, you choose one.And tell them that you'll see them there and save a dance for them. Still, if you feel uncomfortable about going date less: solution! Steer clear of lying, if you are embarrassed to say you were dumped, just tell them you broke up, or it didn't work. If this doesn’t work, just ask him to smile and act like he wants to go to prom. Your guy likes to dance so much that when your feet get tired, and you need a rest he keeps going like the “energizer bunny”.Even if you have no intention of dancing with this person, it's still a nice gesture. I always think to myself, wow, I made an impression on this person enough for them to dig up the courage to ask me out.” For those of you who have no problem talking to boys or getting boys to talk to you for that matter, read this. Talk to a cousin, aunt or another family member who doesn't live too near you, and let them know that you are in the market for a prom date. You can just go back to your own planet and forget you ever met him. If you get a rep for telling lies, no one will want to believe you about anything. Try these simple rules to stay cool, and to let him still think you're all that! Tell him you're flattered and you're glad he thought of you. "I already promised my friends we'd all go together," or "There’s someone else I was planning to ask.” Don't dangle the carrot in front of him. If he’s a suitable second choice, then you should ask choice #1, to insure Mr. Claiming you’re skipping the prom will come back to bite you. Solution: Don’t freak out, he might not know how to dance. Begin with a few slow dances, and gradually work him up to faster dances. If all else fails, give him the puppy dog lip and eyes. When you sit down and realize he is not following you, you look for him only to find he is dancing with someone else! If she is a friend of his, try to be understanding. But if she is some random girl, or one of those girls that you just can’t stand, get back onto those aching feet and cut in. Don't start off the conversation talking about you. Ask him something about him, sports, clothes, art, movies, music, current affairs, even school.Just smile, and say “he’s perfect,” and continue with your perfect evening. / Ana Marie Cox -- The Paris Hilton International Fellowship / Rachel Shukert -- The upgrade / Karl Iagnemma -- The man who killed (and saved) Wall Street / Joel Stein -- Don't let the 100 percent divorce rate spoil your wedding!

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