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I teach guys to experiment with their opening lines; this includes executing cheesy pick up lines and utilizing simple situational observations.

The key point that I focus on when working with my clients is what ‘comes next.’ A cheesy pick up line can work brilliantly if the guy bursts out laughing at the right time, and uses the moment as a way to ‘test’ out the girls sense of humor.

We watched the initial attention that he and his car received.

Take a 180 degree turn when a fairly average looking guy walked past with a fairly ordinary looking mongrel.

Men should never compromise their personal character in accordance with what happens to be fashionable or what makes them appear to be someone they’re not.

If he is an artistic man who revels in his creativity and originality, then there’s no problem in him dressing eccentrically.

Urb: To improve a guy’s game, it helps to understand the psychology of seduction.

Is there a standard method you teach, or do you need to read the individual woman first and then choose the right tactic before it will work?

I sincerely believe this, because I have witnessed it.

However, a man who has not achieved such expert level of game will still need to utilize or enhance his appearance in order to give him that slight advantage.

The format is this (in this order): KN: There are two great ways to sleigh approach anxiety.

One is based on the ‘exposure therapy’ method, which means throwing yourself into the deep end and experiencing the ‘worst case scenario.’ In this case, that would be an instant blow out once he has faced his fear, because he can own that fear and realize that it actually contains no real power.

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