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Mike Goski stared into the steel casket at his twin brother’s body, dressed for eternity in a deep-blue Marine Corps jacket with red piping and brass buttons.It was like looking into a cruel mirror, Chris’s face, so like his own, distorted by a wound the mortician couldn’t conceal.“They were willing-to-do-anything type kids, little destructors.” Tim cajoled, yelled and, at times, he swung a belt or brandished a Bible.

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Once he came out of Best Buy with a car-alarm system under his jacket.

In combat, he could orchestrate from the chaos a lethal strike by jet fighters, helicopters, mortar and artillery, raining hot metal on enemies a few hundred yards away. “Chris had only one fear that I’m aware of, and it was not death,” Mike said as he stood beside the coffin that held his twin.

At the cemetery, as “Taps” played, comrades of the Goski twins stood at attention, Marines in white hats and Special Forces in green berets. “He feared providing anything less than absolutely perfect close air support for his brothers.

They grew bolder, buying and selling drugs in tough South Dallas neighborhoods.

In Red Oak, the Goski brothers became the usual suspects.

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