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He's a lawyer who practices radical honesty in a city famous for make believe. Seacliffe's receptionist, Selena Harris, stood in the doorway."Sorry to interrupt your lunch, but Alexander Hardy is here to see you.""Alexander Hardy? He also represented the owner of the spa, Helen Ridgeway, on legal matters.

When an actor who thinks he can buy or cheat his way out of anything attempts to discredit Calla, Alex (with a crooked nose for trouble) champions her desperate cause. That meant Calla had to be polite to him, though there were times when she'd rather poke him in the eye. In her current mood, verbal thrust and parry would be welcome."I'll deal with him, Selena.""Thanks, Doctor." She gave Calla a smile.

" Alex Hardy, the spa's lawyer on retainer, with offices next door and a nose for trouble, was capable of many things, but ranting?

She explained to Zane Lowe on his Apple Beats 1 Radio show: It was my first major heartbreak.

She slowly begins to think that good guys do exist, until she discovers Alex has lied about who he is, and who he loves. Calla Roberts stared down at the newspaper in her hands, a frown creasing her forehead. The four published on page one were post-surgical pictures that shouldn't have gone further than the patient's file. She closed the newspaper and threw it on the table in the spa's employee lounge. She picked it up, crumpled it into a ball, dropped it on the floor, jumped on it a few times, and then hurled it into the trash. "I wasn't sure if I should try to shove him out the door or charge a ten-dollar cover for everyone in the waiting room.""Why not both? I hadn't heard.""I just saw them." Calla angled her chin at the garbage can."Oh, that's what you were jumping on.""I prefer stomping.

All of them were images she'd taken, their only use to document the reconstructive surgery she'd performed. "Calla must have looked as vicious as she felt because a frown creased Selena's face. It makes me feel like I've done something productive."Selena shook her head.

Calla Roberts has seen too much death, destruction and betrayal to ever believe in fairy tales or men who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. "He doesn't have an appointment."He thought she was a hack for what he called pasting permanent lies onto otherwise perfect faces. When he spoke it was with perfect diction and deliberate intent. Calla had only met the man a couple of times, but the impression he'd made on her was one of sharp intelligence coupled with a strength of will rivaling her own.

Which is why LA Lawyer Alex Hardy irritates the crap out of her. He made it clear when he called her a glorified makeup artist the day they met. ""Something about taking advantage of the downtrodden of LA? Which was probably why they'd disagreed vehemently both times they'd spoken to each other.

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