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Hazards of dating a stripper

Tonight a few buddies and I went out, and there she was...shockingly, I'm not mad. I'd just tell her your nonjudgmental opinion on move on. I myself wouldn't put up with it just because a lot of the other 'jobs' that come with being a stripper and I wouldn't want to worry about any of that.

That being said, if you're not mad about then who cares?

Also, I realize many stripper probably aren't prostitutes but you should ask her just in case. If you don't care about it, then there's no problem.

I'm not one of those guys whose constantly out at those places every other night, but girls have their nights out, and we have ours.

We just recently started dating, which is why I didn't honest I didn't really think to ask. Personally I have a hot woman other dudes want to pay to stare at.

You have to be nice to men or you don’t make money.

People who work in strip clubs don’t make half the money we did.

But I would be uncomfortable if she worked at one of those places that offer full lap dance.

My reaction would be "sweetie, you'd make a lot more money and meet a whole lot less obnoxious people being a professional dominatrix".

I was merely wondering what everyone else would do or think. Of course, she could always ask you why you were hanging in a strip club while you were in a relationship so its one for one.

If neither of you care, as in you want to look at other women and she wants to show herself off to other men, then this relationship probably won't be serious but it'll be a fun swing until you decide to meet someone in your life one day.

In that regard, I can see this through a perspective similar to that of your girlfriend.

If I had a girlfriend, and one who is good looking enough to be a stripper, I probably would not have attempted suicide two valentine's days in a row.

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