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It was likely that Nan, as I called her, was in her late 60s, despite that, she had a good figure, not slim, but not fat either. She almost always wore a tight skirt and a V neck blouse that showed a wonderful cleavage as a result of the corset pushing her breasts tight together.

She purred as her fingers moved upwards tracing a line up the underside of my dick making it jerk almost out of control.

'I don't think you can take much more, darling boy. Never mind, we can sort it out.' Her mouth moved within an inch of my straining cock and her tongue came out and gently lapped the head.

It was so much more intimate and daring than normal kissing, made even more exciting that it was my gran. 'Yes, please Nan.' She undid the top button of her blouse then paused. 'Let Grandma have a look at you.' Nan gazed down at the protrusion in my pajamas, a soaking wet lump.

After a while, she pulled back and whispered, 'Bobby, what you did this morning was naughty. ' I gulped and murmured, 'Sorry.' 'Well, I haven't made up my mind if I'll tell them. ' I couldn't believe we were having this conversation. They're nice.' 'Surely you thought they were better than 'Nice.' If I give you another peek, would you be able to think of something better to say? 'No, you undo Nan's blouse.' My hands were trembling as I slowly moved from top to bottom. She untied the cord and gently played with the hairs, trailing her finger tips through them.

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Add this amazing adult website to your list of top porn places to visit daily and you will get tremendous amount of new Filippina porno video each day you return here.She was rubbing the towel over her right mega boob when she abruptly stopped.A chill ran through me as I lifted my eyes to her face. I felt the blood rush from my cock to my face as I flushed scarlet.'Slide the straps from my shoulders.' I did, then carefully pulled down each cup of her corset until they cradled her breasts. 'Let your Nan have a close inspection.' I groaned as she began by stroking my peritoneum, then her finger tips were teasing my ass hole.I wouldn't have believed that her touch could bring such indescribable pleasure.The door wasn't fully closed and she was drying her naked body.She was bent over toweling her legs and her boobs were in free fall, swaying to and fro to the rhythm of her drying.I had no experience of such kissing with no idea what to do, so I allowed myself to wallow in the pleasure of Nan's lips taking control.Her tongue pressed against my lips and I assumed I was to open my mouth to allow access.Next morning I knocked on her door before entering. Nan left it out as she didn't appear to have noticed.As I crossed the carpet to her bed, Nan lifted herself up onto the pillows and, as she did, the front of her nightie caught on the bedclothes. With no move to cover her nakedness I gazed at her boob and felt my cock begin to press hard against my dressing gown.

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