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This slipping into his own self is the biggest impediment to his recovery .

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She reported back after 2- 3 days that the child was not being attended well in the class and was quite isolated . As per my advise , the parents withdrew him from school , he started gaining back his speech and was back on the road to recovery from autism .

This child after 3-4 months of Homeopathic Treatment developed speech and could speak between 20-30 odd words although they were just single words .

Then suddenly he started losing all what he had learnt.

Taking the child to your Family doctor or a pediatrician can at times delay the diagnosis as some of them might be not clinically trained to identify Autism Spectrum Disorder ( I could be wrong here , as the clinical training differs from country to country and also the experience and the awareness has a strong bearing on the knowledge of the Pediatrician.).

A Neuro developmental specialist is the right person for diagnosis.

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