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Finnish dating marriage

Girls under the age of 20 weren't considered mature enough for marriage, but by age 25 a girl was looked upon as an old maid.

"Bundling" or gadding about at night was known throughout the country.

These escapades were also known in most of northern and central Europe and the Baltic countries.

In eastern Finland it was customary to hold both betrothal and banns parties.

Under the Ecclesiastic Law of 1686 a betrothal was legally binding and could be broken off only by consent of the Church.

Among the landless rural people, the betrothal consisted of a journey to town or market to buy wedding rings. In the 1880s the town people began announcing betrothals in the newspapers.

It used to be the custom after the banns were read for the first time for the bride and an older woman to visit her relatives and neighbors.The guilty party then might have to pay a fine and a guilty suitor had to return the gifts.In western Finland when banns were published (from the 18th century on), the bridal couple was given a small silver stick and a crutch to express that the couple had been "cast" from the pulpit and had in the process "broken their legs".Village young people also met during their work and at evening socials.When bicycles came along, young people had more opportunities to meet.The spokesman presented the case in a traditional custom known throughout Scandinavia and Europe.When the girl made her appearance, a bottle of spirits and gifts were handed over. Receiving gifts didn't mean a binding acceptance, because the gifts could be returned if the suit was rejected. Join our site and meet single Finland men and single Finland women looking to meet quality singles for fun and dating in Finland.t times while doing genealogy research, I've noticed that young couples married at a very young age and wondered if there was an error in the dates.The busiest times were between Easter and Midsummer, and between Michaelmas and Christmas.There were also various church holidays and festivals.

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