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Doyle bramhall ii dating sheryl crow

The couple that plays together stays together, as Bramhall is a member of Crow's touring band and even served as co-producer on her most recent album, '100 Miles From Memphis.' The singer will be burning up the asphalt and remain on the road through September, so she and her new man will enjoy their summer vacation performing for fans and hanging out. A source told PEOPLE that the romance is a new twist to the relationship, as "they've known each other for a really long time but it only turned romantic recently. He's a really great guy."The pair recently attended the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's 2011 Spring Ball in New York and obviously make a smashing couple!

In 2002, she told Entertainment Tonight that surgery "doesn't interest me," adding of imperfections, "Don't get rid of that because 'that's not pretty.' Yeah, it is." Yet by the 2013 Oscars, her visage was already so transformed that Modern Family's , "To my dear friend #Renee Zellweger - you are an inspiration . Mostly settled in an oceanfront condo, she "is extremely health conscious and does a lot of yoga and all the workout fads," says a confidant.

"She's always trying different diets and meal delivery services."Bramhall shares her passion for healthy living.

The elder Bramhall played drums and was also an accomplished songwriter and vocalist, not to mention a lifelong collaborator with childhood friends Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, who composed such SRV signature tunes as “Change It” and “Life by the Drop.” But the younger Bramhall—a rare and distinctive guitarist who plays left-handed, but with his instrument strung for a right-hander and flipped backwards--had his own connections with the Vaughan brothers: Early in his career he was befriended and supported by Stevie. He then recruited him full-time, and they toured together worldwide, thrilling fans with their dramatic guitar interplay and drawing comparisons to past Clapton triumphs such as Derek & the Dominoes.

When he was 18, Bramhall was recruited by Jimmie to play with the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Clapton’s ensuing 2004 albums both showcased stirring Clapton-Bramhall guitar duets recorded in the same Dallas room where Robert Johnson recorded his classic blues songs in 1937.

She probably also had Botox injected into her jaw muscles to make them thinner." (Neither surgeon has treated Zellweger.) The result, noted the Times, "looks like the manicured socialite, the moderately successful commercial actress, the benign political wife." And while surgery is far from uncommon - the estimates that 11 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2013 - the reasons behind Zellweger's makeover worry her friends.

, adds: "I suspect she had fat removed from her cheeks.

"But the problem is she didn't ­appreciate ­everything that made her interesting and special."Singular Beauty After all, she had everyone at hello.

When Zellweger broke out with heralded the arrival of a unique star with an "open, eager, unconventionally pretty face" and "fetching ordinariness, which happens to be quite extraordinary." Her charm and talent won her the coveted lead in 2001's - simpers and twitches out of the screen." After the blink-and-you-missed-it movie My Own Love Song breezed by in 2010, Zellweger took a four-year break. "She wonders what's wrong with her and why she isn't getting the roles she used to." Image expert , CEO of Talk to Jess, an L.

News outlets breathlessly followed her first days in for the drama Same Kind of Different as Me.

And the wall-to-wall coverage could hype The Whole Truth in 2015.

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