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Divorce rebound dating

The only ‘don’t’ you must adhere to is that you shouldn’t date to get over your ex.You might be using this new person to help yourself heal, but he is likely to get hurt in the process.

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If you were so ready for it to end, or you had a lot of grief over the fact that it was ending toward the end, perhaps that work made you ready for the next thing, however it found you.

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Does dating immediately after divorce mean you’re on the rebound?

Or have you really moved on and are ready to explore new possibilities?

Further, contrary to what many people might predict, having less time between a break-up and a new relationship is linked to attachment security—which refers to habits of trusting, comfort with intimacy, and feelings of safety in relationships.

In other words, individuals who tend to be emotionally stable were actually more likely to have a amount of time between a relationship’s end and a new one’s beginning.

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