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Then before you know it you've got a 'direct message' (a DM) which, in Instagram-speak, is basically a proposal.Then what happens once you’re nice and settled as a couple, blowing off your friends and family to stay indoors instead, safely liking your drunk best mate’s pictures from the warm nook of your new lover’s arms?

Suddenly I could tell from Instagram that my ex and his new guy had broken up, and I saw almost immediately that my boyfriend had followed the guy in the supporting band on Instagram. He had loads of girls always contacting him and he always had his phone on him.

I mentioned to him casually on the phone 'Oh you met Olly, is he nice? Sometimes he'd even take it in the bathroom with him (I cringe now, but I was madly in love).

It’s the most used social media platform for people under the age of 30 and has 400 million active users per month.

Almost as soon as it launched in 2010, it’s primary function as a photo-sharing app was surpassed.

Here are three brave people’s anonymous accounts of how they came to find out the person they called their partner was playing away from home via Instagram… I was already dating other people but after talking to each other on Whats App for a couple of weeks, he had my full attention, and we decided to meet up.

He invited me over to his place and, when I got there, none of his housemates were in. He carried on coming to my house or meeting up with me out and about, always complaining about his housemates.

Then one day, for no reason, I started to stalk his activity and the whole thing unravelled.

I found pictures in his tagged photos of this one girl.

It is easier for breadth to be expanded first in a relationship because of its more accessible features; it consists of outer layers of personality and everyday lives, such as occupations and preferences.

Depth is more difficult to reach, and includes painful memories and more unusual traits that we might hesitate to share with others.

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