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When she walked into a local surf shop, she fell in love with a shiny pink surfboard. Oh, he’d just turn out to later become her husband!! Little did Lauren know, but her interaction with Ryan would make such an impact on him, that he remembered a key detail — she frequently met up with her students at the Starbucks on campus.

Fun, festive, and celebratory — just the way we like it.

Ready to see all the DIY magic captured by Valerie Demo?

Crack within hip curve and tiny bit of lower casing shows to one eye. Wearing nice vintage cotton dress and just the posts from her original earrings. 1950s Black Pedigree Moulded Hair Hard Plastic Baby Doll - TLC - £65.00 Very seldom found 1950s black hard plastic Pedigree Delite baby doll, 18 inches in height with amber flirty/sleep eyes and sweet moulded curls. The amber flirty/sleep eyes work best when head raised away from body. fabulous original wig in factory braids and open/close blue eyes (manually operated) with hard plastic lashes.

Hand assisted walking action works well and she sits nicely. She's marked "VOGUE Jill - Made in USA 1957" to back. A well loved but clean and shiny baby who's being offered way below price these dolls usually command due to her playworn condition. The hand assisted walking action works well (once she gets going! Light play to dress and one button missing but overall very good for years. 1950s Pedigree Black Hard Plastic Walker Doll - Pedigree's 1950s black hard plastic "African Walking Doll", 16 inches in height, she's a good clean doll with light play but no cracks or odours. Her plastic is excellent apart from cross mark to chest from the original outfit.

No playcracks or odours, complexion very good, blush lightly rubbed and faint facial line to outer eyes. bit grubby around the joints but overall lovely and clean with great colour! The eyes are fixed open but still flirt from side to side slightly. Legs move freely but walking action no longer works. A little fade to plastic over the years but still a lovely rosy cheeked girl! ), open smiling mouth, tongue and teeth (slight wear to lip paint) and long replacement braided wig. Wear to hair paint, fine h/line to one eye, light fading to limbs. ) for a Princess wig (LP wigs are usually dusty and wild!! No play cracks or odours and there's super blush retained to cheeks and some to hands and knees too. The original dress and onesie are nice and clean but there's a little play wear, discolouration to onesie and trimmed belt to dress. A really stunning Little Princess doll, obviously been carefully kept clean and safe all these years. Eye changes work nicely with just occasional stutters during the sequence or if she's laying down.

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Eyelashes have been professionally replaced but coming away now a little to right. Doll has great colouring with nice roses to cheeks, hands and knees.And if you love them as well, we have a DIY tutorial with silk flowers so you can make your own!!The groom rocked an incredible blue suit from ASOS… This 1920’s summer home resembles a Mediterranean coastal villa and is lined with palm trees and just the right amount of ivy and textured, chipping walls. The bridesmaids carried floral hoops and the groomsmen rocked suspenders, olive colored pants and floral bow ties.We spent hours making over 100 feet of fabric bunting, giant letters that spell ‘CHEERS’!A pretty girl with bright blue sleep eyes, all her lashes and original platinum braided wig. 1950s Pedigree Delite Hard Plastic Blonde Doll in Pink Gown - £35.00 1950s vintage Pedigree Delite hard plastic girl doll, 10 inches in height, this pretty girl has superb colouring, bright blue sleep eyes, all her lashes and original blonde mohair wig. No play cracks or odours but dye from dress has stained her body in places (see pics). 1940s Roddy Vintage Hard Plastic Baby Doll - Late 1940s Roddy vintage hard plastic baby doll, 9 inches in height with the early shiny hard plastic and painted tin sleep eyes. Complexion bit pale and she's missing quite a few lashes. Otherwise very good condition for her years, no playcracks or plastic damage. 1950s Vintage Pedigree Delite Baby Doll in Original Box - £50.00 1950s Pedigree Delite hard plastic baby doll in super condition complete with her original box. This gorgeous baby has super colouring, bright amber open/close eyes, hard plastic lashes and original astrakhan wig. 19 inches in height, Elizabeth has lovely colouring, blue flirty/sleep eyes, all lashes and original golden mohair wig. 18 inches in height, he has pale complexion, blue flirty/sleep eyes all his lashes (eyes are hazy). No play cracks or odours, tiny bit grubby with age (mostly to seams making them more prominent). A wonderful piece of Australian doll making history.No play damage or odours she wears lovely vintage stripe dress and red plastic shoes. She carries sweet little matching handbag and wears knitted knickers, socks and cinderella shoes. No play cracks or odours, she has light play wear and tiny bit grubby with age. Hand assisted walking action works well, her mama is non working. This sweet little vintage baby is 6 inches in height with lovely colouring, blue side glancing sleep eyes and nice moulded curls (blush and hair slightly rubbed from box but overall very good). Her plastic is excellent, clean with no play cracks or odours, outfit immaculate too. 1950s Vintage Rosebud Black Hard Plastic Doll in Original Box - £95.00 1950s Rosebud 14 inch black hard plastic vintage doll complete with original box and Hawaiian outfit. and original extra long mohair wig (a little deadlocked but suits her character perfectly). 1950s Pedigree 16 inch Vintage Walker Doll in Flower Dress - 1950s vintage Pedigree hard plastic hand assisted walking doll wearing nice vintage flowered dress and her original lace up shoes. 1950s Pedigree Baby Walker 21" Doll in Dress/Bonnet - £65.00 1950s vintage Pedigree Delite hard plastic baby walker doll wearing adorable newly made Pedigree style dress and half bonnet set. Elizabeth is free from playcracks or plastic odours, she has slight fading to limbs/around neck and is grubby around joints but overall very good. 1950s VOGUE Jill USA hard plastic vintage teenage fashion doll, 10.5 inches in height with bending knees, blue sleep eyes, hard plastic lashes, nice clear complexion and original long blonde wig. 1950s Roddy Walker 21" Vintage Hard Plastic Doll - 1950s vintage Roddy hard plastic walker doll, 21 inches in height with pale skin tone, blue open/close eyes (manual), almost all lashes and fair hand assisted walking action. As often found with the Roddy walkers, the crotch seam has separated.Wearing old cream knitted outfit of dress and cardi. Clean with no playcracks or odours, complexion is good with nice (lightly rubbed) bright roses to cheeks, couple of faint facial lines but only minor. 1950s Pedigree Toddler Hard Plastic Doll - Working Mama! 1950s BND "Dolly Walker" Vintage Hard Plastic Doll in Original Outfit - 1950s BND "Dolly Walker" vintage hard plastic hand assisted walking doll wearing her original outfit of dress, knickers, socks and shoes. 1950s Pedigree Flirty Eyed Vintage Hard Plastic Walker Doll - 1950s vintage Pedigree 21 inch hard plastic hand assisted walking doll wearing pretty red dress, white bloomers, socks and Cinderella shoes. No play cracks or odours, beautiful full rosey cheeks and great complexion. 21 inches in height, she has flirty/sleep eyes, all lashes, tongue/teeth and original braided wig (excellent! Wearing delightful 1950s knitted outfit (dress belt has perished), original knickers and shoes. British Hard Plastic Dolls Book by Frances Baird - An invaluable reference book for British hard plastic doll lovers, "British Hard Plastic Dolls of the 1940s & 1950s" by Frances Baird.The hand assisted "floating head" walking action works well and she sits and stands smoothly. - 1950s vintage Pedigree 20 inch hard plastic toddler doll wearing pretty red dress along with original knickers, socks and the HTF lace up shoes. 1950s Pedigree "Saucy Walker" Vintage Doll in Original Box - 1950s vintage Pedigree "Saucy Walker" hard plastic hand assisted walking doll complete with her original box and paperwork. 1950s Pedigree 16 inch Vintage Walker Doll in Pink Starry Dress - 1950s Pedigree hard plastic vintage walking doll wearing delightful pink dress with stars. 21 inches in height, she has blue sleep eyes, all lashes and original braided wig (a little untidy/dusty). 1950s BND Hard Plastic Toddler Doll in Original Outfit - 1950s BND vintage 13 inch hard plastic toddler doll, a delightful old girl wearing her original dress, integral knickers, shoes and socks. A gorgeous flirty eyed girl with nice roses to her cheeks and all her lashes. Features all the elite British hard plastic doll manufacturers such as Pedigree, Rosebud, Roddy, BND, Palitoy, Chiltern, Amanda Jane, plus lesser known companies of this era such as Airfix, Doll Industries, Sarold, Fairylite, Peggy Nisbett, Morris Mitchell, William Steers etc.1960s Pedigree Delite Transitional Girl Doll - Platinum - £30.00 These later Pedigree Delite dolls were made in the transitional period from hard plastic to vinyl so materials differences were often found until all old hard plastic parts were used up. She's just arrived from the original owner having spent last few decades in the attic. 1950s BND Babykins vintage hard plastic baby doll, 10 inches in height with blue eyes, all lashes and lovely colouring. A characterful flirty eyed hard plastic doll, with nice colour and super quality replacement ringlet wig.Dating to early 1960s, this lovely platinum girl is 11 inches in height with hard plastic head and lightweight blown vinyl body/limbs (as you can see has a more tanned skinned appearance than complexion). She's lightly grubby but free from HPD/related odours. 1950s Rosebud Black Baby Doll in Original Outfit - £45.00 1950s Rosebud 10 inch black hard plastic vintage doll complete with original and Hawaiian outfit. 1950s Pedigree Elizabeth Dressmaking Doll in Green Dress & Coat - 1950s British hard plastic Pedigree "Elizabeth the Dressmaking Doll" wearing vintage green dress (bit playworn), coat and tatty knickers. 1950s Pedigree Delite Hard Plastic Baby Boy Doll - 18 inches - £65.00 1950s vintage Pedigree Delite hard plastic baby doll wearing adorable blue dungarees and stripe shirt. Old touch up to lip paint and slight fade to limbs. Eyes no longer sleep freely (this is quite common with the BNDs), sometimes a little set back so she'll need a little shake. There's marks to face, under wig and to body with small paint touch up to some (mostly backs of legs) Eyes stiff to sleep and flirt. Beautifully dressed in professionally made dress with matching belt and gloves, long cotton knickers and pretty buckle shoes, all garments in mint condition and suit her perfectly.

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