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As she further explains, when vehicles are brought in for remanufacturing – a process for which JLR uses the term ‘Reborn’ – the first step is to disassemble them completely right down to nut and bolt level.

But in that process parts may be damaged or found to be in need of replacement which have long been out of stock.

She canbe as free as she wants with her friends but as soon as she goes homeshe has to shut down.

Jaguar Land Rover has embarked on an ambitious project, buying up examples of its classic models that are in need of restoration and effectively remanufacturing them If you see an old Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle rusting and abandoned, then JLR wants to know about it.

One is that it obviates the “hugely inefficient” way things happened previously, particularly as it affected information sharing among the people involved.

“We weren’t learning from each other,” she explains.

All of which isto say: she is definitely somebody wed look to for career advice.

Whileher home was being renovated between 15 and 25 construction workershad access to the entire property, but as yet no arrests have beenmade.

He also adds that “not a single employee” from those older locations has been lost in the transition with the operation’s existing skills base entirely maintained.

In fact, over the 12 months to the middle of this year, Hannig reports, the total number of employees within the business doubled from 40 to 80 and is set to increase by the same amount again to 120 by the end of the year.

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