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Dating the quatrain of nostradamus

The allies of the BJP will be deserting the boat as they think (the Congress) will win.

century, with only the cover and the last few pages removed...

When the name of Nostradamus is mentioned, what comes to mind are several accounts in Latin and French, different translations and varying interpretations to the English translations. The numerous versions have cast some strain on credibility.

One day, some of the highest bearers of the BJP party will not even say hello to each other.

The BJP will have three pillars: AB Vajpayee, LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi.

Hence all persecuted people throughout the ages, will always find refuge in India, where they will practice their religion in peace.

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The BJP will have three pillars: AB Vajpayee, LK Advani and Narendra Modi.

Only if the BJP stands true to the aspirations of its Hindu voters, it can come on its own at the Center.

It will become necessary to “Indianise” the nation so that it may manifest again its true unique soul. Introduce a common civil code, repeal false laws (article 370? Nostradamus goes on to explain why these changes are important: What was non-acceptable today will become politically correct tomorrow and Hindus will rule themselves again and reestablish Dharma in India.

Find-out about the world-famous Irish Prophet Columba, who lived at Kells in Ireland before he was driven-out by the established clergy of his time and consequently went to live on the island of Iona in Scotland, and the relationship between him and The Lia Fail Stone (The Stone of Destiny).

Discover the real reason that the book he commissioned, now known as The Book of Kells, was written and the most probable reason why it was mysteriously stolen and then later recovered again in the 10th.

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