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My priest, who is a good friend of mine, phones me to ask if I knew T and N.

They had called him to perform the ceremony for Ts’ wedding. They have their own church, complete with minister so why did they need mine?

I thought it was odd but never realize it was a shadow of things to come. I found out from mutual friends that T and N were furious that I was engaged after only 4 months when T had been with her boyfriend for 4 years, living together for 3.

D apparently never said a word against me but cancelled any plans we had or just failed to show up.

I belong to a local dance troupe, who offered to perform at my reception as a gift, so they need hula dancers and ask if my priest know any.

I find out later that my priest was not the only person they grilled for information.

She stays all of ten minutes, just long enough for everyone in my family to see the ring and admire it.

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