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That’s why Secret #1 from my new Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom program teaches you how to find time to start romancing yourself again…to literally fall in love with yourself and everything about yourself again (including everything that’s separate from your children and your momhood) so that you can begin to create new romance in your life…… It’s about falling in love with yourself because you are adorable and irresistible and lovable just because you are you…Best of all, once you start learning how to do it, you’ll discover it’s WAY easier than you ever imagined! We all have romantic pasts we wish we didn’t, or exes floating in and out of our lives and situations that we could have handled better, or we wish just never happened.

Even if he’s nowhere near you and your children, Secret #3 shows you how to stay sane and thrive again by learning to incorporate your emotions about your past and your ex into the picture in a way that magnetically attracts new love and creates a new life full of romance, play, and joy for your kids and for yourself. where you’ll learn step-by-step how to create new love in a whole new way that DOESN’T take extra time, energy, and work out of the precious moments you have available.feels at a huge disadvantage in the “dating scene” because everything you read and hear tells you men don’t want to deal with children, or they prefer younger women with less responsibility? believes her history in love and her family are “baggage” that will turn a good man off or send him running in the other direction? finds herself (as I once did…) slogging through the days and then falling into bed at the end of the night exhausted – just to get up and do it all over again tomorrow?If any of this sounds familiar, I couldn’t be more thrilled that you found your way here today!Then we’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of how to address the unique challenges moms face when dating…like time management, communicating your availability to date, when to introduce him to your kids, when to have sex, and lots more…In other words, Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom is all about teaching you how your motherhood can powerfully help your Siren-ness… all while bringing love back into your life with a great man.and how your Siren-ness can bring magical new ease and power to your motherhood! Here they are: You hear all kinds of ways to “show yourself love,” from making time to soak in a bubble bath, to getting a manicure, to making sure you make time to “care for yourself.”But, as a mom, I know the reality – there just isn’t any time to do anything extra!You’ll learn how to create a new, irresistible sense of love and partnership within your family…an environment that every great man out there (who is just right for you and your kids, that is) wants into because it feels effortlessly harmonious to him.Which takes us to: The right man for you and your family is out there right now. Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom will show you how to find the man who’s perfect for you and your family, how to “let him in” and how to keep him magnetized not only to you but to your whole family.It all starts with Circular Dating and ways you never imagined to make time for “actual” dates.

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