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Nowadays Rothenburg, situated in Western Franconia, is one of the most visited towns in Europe.

Ex-Mayor Nusch saved the town by drinking nearly 13 cups of wine in a single gulp, the so-called "Master draught".

Losing its importance in the following centuries, Rothenburg’s medieval center remained untouched.

With its splendid location and charming medieval atmosphere hardly any other town is able to captivate its visitors in quite the same way as Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria.

A walk through this small town is an unforgettable encounter with bygone centuries.

Eventually, they began pawning their possessions - jewelry, games, an i Phone, and even the medic bag Aiken used when saving lives in Afghanistan.

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The couple was desperate from "just not knowing where food's going to come from," he says.Elevated to a Free Imperial City in 1274, Rothenburg became one of the most important city states of the Middle Ages.In 1631, during the Thirty Years War, Rothenburg was taken by imperial troops.A review of individuals' military pay records, government reports and other documents, along with interviews with dozens of current and former soldiers and other military personnel, confirms Aiken's case is hardly isolated. And as Aiken and many other soldiers have found, once mistakes are detected, getting them corrected - or just explained - can test even the most persistent soldiers (see related story)."Too often, a soldier who has a problem with his or her pay can wait days, weeks or even months to get things sorted out," Democratic Senator Thomas Carper of Delaware, chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, wrote in an email.In the Romantic era, the town was discovered by painters and poets and became a symbol of the Middle Ages in Germany.The year-round 'Christmas-Village' store in Rothenburg is a Christmas Winter Wonderland with more than 30,000 traditional German Christmas decorations and on the 2nd floor of the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Village store in Rothenburg is a very unique German Christmas museum.Aiken took out an Army Emergency Relief Loan to cover expenses of their December move into a new apartment.At Christmas, Operation Santa Claus provided the family with presents - one for each child, per the charity's rules.The imposing building of the Town Hall, stately towers, massive fortifications, churches and patrician houses are witnesses to a mighty imperial past.An imperial castle dating back to 1142 represents the beginning of the town.

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