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Dating age difference calculator

This function has helped me in a number of circumstances and I hope it proves useful for you.

Age Calculator by birth date is a calender tool may used to calculate your exact age from your birth date, month and year.

In other words, properly stated, on 2/1/2016 it is 4 days until 2/5/2016, and on 2/5/2016, 2/1/2016 was 4 days ago.

The second query is saved as “Age Years Query.” What if a user wants to determine how old a student was at a point in time other than today?

For example, how old were the students at the beginning of a specific fall semester?

Figure 3 below (saved as a query named ‘Age Days Query’) includes an example of how to calculate the number of days between the birthdates and today by creating a new field we are calling “Age Days.” Notice date1 is represented as the student birthdate included in the previously referenced table.

Date2 is represented by the expression “Now()” (Microsoft Access recognizes “Now()” as the current day and time).

Figure 7 shows the adjustment to the query and the appropriate formatting (MM/DD/YYYY) while Figure 8 shows the results.

Similar to the previous example, create a second query to convert the number of days into years (see Figures 9 and 10).

Now that the number of days between the birthdate and today has been established, create a second query to calculate the number of years.

See Figure 5 below for the query setup and Figure 6 for the results.

We can use the following structure for the three-parameter Data Diff function to build a query: Note – For those unfamiliar with Access, tables and queries are found in the ‘All Access Objects’ navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen.

Figure 2 above shows the navigation pane while the remaining images exclude it.

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