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Have her put her wedding ring over her nose when you are about to cum, and use it as a target.

Make sure that he lays her clothes out, shaves her legs, or something along those lines. Experiment with bondage, blindfold him and tie him to a chair while you fuck his wife.

Make sure he prepares the bedroom, tell him that you will be having a romantic evening with his wife, and that expect candles, wine and flowers in the room, when he comes over, and when you get there, ask him to leave. Have the wife sit in the chair, while you face hubby and disrobe yourself.

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Rub in the fact that his wife begs you to fuck her bareback, and that she could easily become pregnant, and that if she does and she decides to keep it, he'll have to support it and although you'll be the father figure.

Make sure that the beer, drinks, food in the house are the ones you like and not the ones that husband likes.Present yourself as sexually dominant and comfortable in your nudity, and then disrobe hubby yourself.Point out the differences to the wife, and ask if she wishes to add anything. Having her wear her wedding dress, or bridal lingerie for you.Then sometime during the dinner you walk in and say hi to here and then whisper something in her ear. Then she gets up and goes with you to give you a blowjob in private.She walks back to the table smiling with a tiny bit of cum on the side of her lips. Might have him cum for your entertainment while relaxing in an afterglow.Even better if she just comes home with it, hubby not being consulted.Tie or handcuff hubby to a chair in another room in the house with a video feed, webcam, baby monitor etc. You & wifey will have already arranged for a friend of yours to show up later(hubby has no idea, he's just tied up watching his wife get her brains fucked out when the doorbell rings and another alpha stud or two join you to tag team his wife).She gets a tattoo at your request, to symbolize your mutual lust.It doesn't have to be anything obvious, so long as the three of you know what it means.Same thing with the master bathroom, even if you don't stay often, have her make cuckold start moving his things to make room for you.If you like his car better than yours, or yours is in the shop, have her give you the keys to his car to use whenever you want, and force husband to find a way to get around or use a worse car.

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