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Cri liquidating reit

Before having begun to buy real estate, BHOR spent roughly 10% of their investors' capital.

So, for an investment as low as RO1,000, people can own shares in large portfolios,” he stated.

"The good thing is that these funds will not just be applicable to Omanis, but expatriates as well.

How it all began In September 2005, BHOR commenced a public offering of common stock at a price of $10 per share.

Aggregate gross proceeds from the offering totaled approximately $538.7 million and net offering proceeds after selling commissions, dealer manager fees and organization and offering expenses totaled approximately $481.8 million.

From the above linked source (form 14a): Our Advisor received an asset management fee of 0.575% of the aggregate asset value of acquired real estate and real estate-related assets...

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Our Advisor and its affiliates receive acquisition and advisory fees of 2.5% of the contract purchase price of each asset for the acquisition, development or construction of real property or 2.5% of the funds advanced in respect of a loan investment...MUSCAT, JAN 7 – The Oman Real Estate Association (ORA), which has long campaigned for the legalisation of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the Sultanate, has warmly welcomed yesterday’s announcement by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) formally issuing the regulatory framework for the introduction and trading of this new asset class on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM).The keenly anticipated announcement came in a tweet by CMA Executive President Shaikh Abdullah bin Salem al Salmi affirming that property owners and developers can now set up REITs based on existing, commercial, income-generating assets.Through REITS, they can liquidate their holdings and consider reinvesting in other types of real estate products, thereby driving the growth of quality products and service standards in the industry.Additionally, REITs will inject new levels of professionalism in the way how properties are managed.We pay our property manager and affiliate of our Advisor, Behringer Harvard Opportunity Management Services, LLC or its affiliates (collectively, "BH Property Management"), fees for management, leasing and maintenance supervision of our properties.Such fees are equal to 4.5% of gross revenues plus leasing commissions...The owners of big assets can benefit by cashing or liquidating shares in those assets.For example, a citizen cannot buy a mall or an airport, but can buy shares in a mall.I think it is a very smart move by the government," he added.We use cookies and browser capability checks to help us deliver our online services, including to learn if you enabled Flash for video or ad blocking.

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    Jan 6, 2014. value of $10,000, AB contributes the property to an operating partnership the “OP” of a REIT in an. UPREIT format in exchange for 10% of the Units in the OP with the remaining 90% of the Units owned by the REIT. AB then distributes these Units to A and B in complete liquidation of their interests in.…

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    The law was issued in January and the first REIT fund will be launched probably in April,” he added. Lauding the move, Al Ismaili said "There are a lot of real estate portfolios such as shopping malls airports, ports etc. The owners of big assets can benefit by cashing or liquidating shares in those assets. For example, a.…

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    This asset class is bound to create good rental revenue streams for developers. REITs will only help developers partly liquidate this asset class and create a larger portfolio. There is large potential for REITs in the industrial and warehousing assets, since this asset class is still in its growth stage. REITs in India is a welcome.…