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First, the Prophet Isaiah saith^ '' Surely he hath home our griefs^ and carried our sorrows ; yet did we esteem him stricken^ smitten of God, and afflicted. Will you diligently UM the children in every place ? Will you recommend fasting, ■hoffi--'li^ precept and example ? Every Snperintesadent ia lyot wly charged with the observance of them himself, bat is niipsn* sible, as far as may be, for their observance by the Brethren under his direiction, or for an immediate report to iiw IMf- trict, to the Managing Committer in London, in any in which they may have been violated. Set before yon constantly the example of the holy Apostle ; This one t Miig I do; forgetting those things which are behind, and nadi^ ing forth unto those things which are before, I press towudi the mark, for the prize of the high calling of God in Chikt Jesus." (Plu L iii.

But he was wounded for our transgressions^ he was hruised for our iniquities^ the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed. 43.) The same Boith that great prophet John the Baptist, who "came to I liear witness of the light, that all mtn through it might Lbdieve." je said county of York, Robert Hopkins, of the same place ; Jolui xwk, of Barnard Castle ; William Collins, of Sundai- ^P DEED OF SE ^lu. h|IAW t Otherwise the Confef ence might continue to sit till the dreiutt were i Mterl Ally 1n)«Nd l^y tie abi#hd»itf eo'Wiat^f kb^ pl Wotil MJ^' ^ni^- Conference, if under twenty-one days ; or otherwise the conclusion thereof shall follow of course at the end of the said twenty-one days ; the whole of all which said time of the Msembly of the Conference shall be had, taken, con- sidered, and be the yearly Conference of the people called LUethodists, and all such acts of the Conference during such ^Kfesrlj assembly thereof shall be the acts of the Conference, ^^. 13, 14.) Amidst all your readings atadiei» joumeyings, preaching, and other labours, let the praspsri^ of your own souls in the Divine life be carefully cultivated} ^nd then a spirit of piety will dispose yon to the pn^ performa Dce of jour miiii Ete Tial duties ; and, by a holy iie- action, such a discharge of duty will increase your personal religion. W-e wish to irapresa on yout minds the absolute necessity of using every means of mental ii Dprovement with an express view to your great work as Christian Ministers- Vou are furnished with useful books, the works of men of distinguished learning and piety.

Tenth, No person shall be elected a member of the Cott- ference, who hath not been admitted into oomukioa' with the Conference as a Preacher, and Expounder of God'i^lialy word, aa aforesaid, for twelve months. Dlher lace, than Lotion, Btim A^t Khee Asyrhen It shall seem expedient so to do. Have they (in some idlentfa Je d^ee) a dear, sound imderstanding? Have they a just oodp ception of salvation by faith ? 61, WHAt method itiay we use in receiving a new Helper? A proper time f(^ doing this is at a Coiifertfioe, after solemn fasting and prayer. Do you expect to be perfected in love in this life? You are to disseminate the know- ledge of Christianity, in order to the salvation of men ; let the Bible then be rora Boos j and let all other books be read only in order to obtain a better acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures, and a greater facility in explaining, illus- tratiiig, and applying their important contents. In your manner of preaching, and of administering the vanoui Ordinances of God's house, keep closely to the modd exhibited by your Brethren at home.

- Thirieenli, And, for the convenience of thei chapels' and inuea already, or which may herea Ocr be given or con- rejed upon the cnisi« aforesaid, situate in Jrelanil, or other t of the kingdom of Great Britain, the Conference All and may, when, and as often *s it shall seem expe- dient, but not otherwise, appoint and delects any member, or manbers of the Conference, with all or any of the powers, privileges, and advanb^es herein before contained or Tested ■n the Conference ; and all and every the acta, admia Hion G, espulsio Ds, and appointments whatsoever of such member or members of the Conference bo appointed and delegated L'* th^h noi Mi S. It ia time enough/ nh«n yon: ftre-proeecuteil, to lake the oa Oa, i VKd'bf aodt^g, Jftiiinii Htmnifi U ■- n liai. w J«eal-'JV0 in a religioue Sotiety; frt we al^ not Diraentcr B in the only wnie which oiur law ado Mnried^ee^' mnelyir those who renounce Ae Bcrriffi of Ibe church.' We do not: we dare not separate flwi B-M, We are not Seceders, nor do we bear any resemhl BDm b) tli Bm. ' The Si Ctx Lcnlaid tlie very foundation of their work, in judging ati A-condlini Bi Dg others. Ev CTy person proposed, is theii to be preseiat ; and each of them may be asked, . We parti- Cu Urly recommend to you to read and digest the writings of Wesley and Fletcher, and the useful Commentaries with which you are furnished, which ace designed and calculated to increase your knowledge of the Sacred Volume. Let Aon be deeply convinced of the absolute necessity of it a. Indeed, you have Kdeninly pledged yourselves so to do.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. The chronological order of the adoption of the Regulations has also been followed, both as being pf easier reference, and as forming a kind of historic notation of the events which gave rise to them. Many are wil Ung t« hm ; hut not to bear the expense. To raise a general fkmd, out of which^ from time to time^ that expense mtf be de- frayed ? And to assist at any District-Meeting, if applied to for that purpose, by the Chairman of the - District, or by a majority of the Super- intendents in such District. The Plan for BUtioning the Misdonuies Euppor Ud by this Society, shall be annually drawn np by the Secre- taries, laid before the General Committee in London, and, if approved by them, recommended to ihe Conference. The Trial of Missionaries, who may at any time be KMsed of misconduct, or of having deviated from the doo- ines and discip Uae of the Connexion, shall, in all ordinary Iptni.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Wherever the Conference itself has not ex- pressly declared a former r^ulation to be rescinded, or where it is not obviously and deeidvely siqiex;- ^^^ PKEPACZ. By this means, those who willingly offer them- selves, may travel through every part, and stay whcnvcr there is a call, without being burdensome to ainy. ■" -iir- *jt »t- Js Hln Kl inlu Diii Ktj yn B ^d "t oi iili)[.|d ■ I'^rii'' I. What Reguktioti B are nece«s J¥y^ar'"f1(te-pr^l irtftt Oi Tof otr "^o Te' ifc Snoniyyas ^ttie'iev." Mr. -■■■■—■ ■ ■■"'"^^ ■' ' A; Let ih^'tlirfee tiugd'omb Le ifiviileil into uiiatriets.''l'i^l, •If; nference^ or to remove bim from the ottoe oft Superintendent^ or to depose him from the chair, and to elect another in his place. And he shall have a ri|^t, n written to by any who are concerned, to visit any Circuit, and to inquire into their affairs with respect to Metfaodisi Di and, in nio Hii-Vidtilhvt Qbtricte C^iaittee, reditees any grievance. he left with the Foreign District- Meetings to which ich Missionaries may at the time belong, according to the eneral Aulea and Usages of the Methoilist C'oufcrenoe.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Xiz ^1 ^H veded by a subsequent Regulation, or by SEtablished ^M H^ ueage, it has been faithfully preserved: lest, by its ^1 ueage, it has been faithfully preserved: lest, by its omission under the notion of its being obsolete or unoperative, there might be room to suspect, that ^tbe Compiler had substituted his individual opinion m p1«c« of the decision of the Body. Tli«s may the Gospel, in the life and power thereof, -be spread from sea to sea. Dt the Conference shall have, as heretofore, the right of Recalling any Missionary, whether put on his trial by a J^OTeign Difitrict-l VIeet Jng or not, whenever there shall ap- to them to be reason for Buch recall.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. To prevent, as far as possible, any misconstruc- tion, when the Regulation of a preceding year has been modified by a subsequent one, it has been presented in its former, as well as in its amended state, wherever the one might be capable of casting any light uptm the other. Which of you will not rcgoioe to tluow in your mite, to promote this glorious work ? Besides this, in carrying on so large a work throqi^ the. f^ ^ifnd Jjqa BTAijx^^i^ ^g 9S(»e|iig Conference, having attended the meetings of ihe Sti,ti^4|p official Members of it during the whole o£ its aittiiigi fbr pletion of its business^ that it 9b'pfqlld(c^g9ff Lq^^^ aftof thfi ^^^,x)f .% qfj? 'i .w l*j; M['f» i "J ,' ■ ',•■ T I.- d J -i" 1 ' ■ ■/ ' I . »• Ill .■'«'t -• '■ ■ ' I., sist Bules concerning them. And, in the l^ltervals of the sittings of the Conference, the General Committee in London shall possess a similar power of recall, Hjid of putting any Missionary, so recalled by them, upon ^ trial before the ensuing Conference ; or, in case of neecs-

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