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Cathy debuono dating

CD: It’s been a really good experience because people are having so much fun watching this movie.And we get to take that ride with them every time we go and watch the film.The sister becomes upset and says things like how could you come out at my wedding and ruin my wedding and Alex, who doesn’t know how to tell them the truth, just goes with it. From the time I read the script I started laughing out loud.

Cathy debuono dating

Then at the reception some old friend from high school misunderstands something that Jonathan, her gay friend, says, saying that he’s gay, and he thinks he’s hearing that Alex is gay.But a lot of people who are acting, and I fell into this category, didn’t have those opportunities.We were the peripheral actors with one line or one scene.Another shift in her life led her to earn a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and open her own practice before being courted by the entertainment industry to return.She’s now made acting her focus, and besides “Out At The Wedding” she also has a role on the upcoming LOGO series, “Exe’s & Oh’s” as well as film projects in the works. ( ) Chris Jarvis: Can you tell me about the film you’re coming to Fresno with, “Out at The Wedding”?Then when she was reading the script for Out At The Wedding she decided to look me up and told me she’d been seeing me in her mind’s eye as Risa while she was reading the script and she really wanted me to come and audition. I think we just won the audience award for best feature in Colorado.CJ: Have you traveled on the circuit with other films? CJ: And what’s your experience been like, traveling and talking to people about it?I had a need for more, to be of service more, to go deeper into myself.CJ: Did the experience with your father make LA look more shallow?Cathy De Buono is one of the stars of "Out At The Wedding" , directed by Lee Friedlander, and one of the films being showcased at this year’s Reel Pride here in Fresno.Cathy, a west coast transplant from New York, started her adult life as a much sought after athlete before stepping into acting with a variety of television and film roles.

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