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The top diplomatic official was commenting on the report of the Vif weekly news outlet, claiming that 10 billion euros (.3 billion) out of 16.1 billion euros vanished from the bank accounts that had been frozen in line with the UN sanctions against late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his family.Have not been 10 years in the macho, and after 10 years you meet the same lonely disparated guys again, just older and even more depressed..... Giga groot, ik schat ca 10 duizend gay/bi male party goers uit de hele wereld, maar toch konden wij nog steeds lekker dansen en geen gevoel hadden dat de zaal te vol of te warm was. Show, choreografie en kleding waren uitbundig, super mooi en zijn zo perfect gedaan.No wonder that suicide after Finland is one of the highiest in Europe.....prefer to go to a Spanish or Greek beach....maybe i became to picky, or I should avoid the cheap discount evening maybe...... Er was hoog en lang podium dat enkel bedoeld was voor de show net als Circus de Soleis, compleet met verschillende soorten dansen en thema's, elke uur anders, plus de welbekende (goede) Vogue dans van Madonna.The younger generation is "cold" indifferent and stupid...handsome men, stupid faces, unhappy faces, walking plants and zombies....those people just look very unhappy.Nobody talks with each other in the bar, seems to be forbidden....Various phases of the drill are scheduled from the 18th of April to the 5th of May, beginning today, in fact, and running for the next two and a half weeks.I will tell you frankly that it is my opinion that the danger of a nuclear false flag attack against a city in the USSA, or a series of attacks against multiple cities in the USSA is a very real and present danger.Ik ben op zaterdag 29/10/2016 naar de main party geweest. Maar ook tenminste 6 podia voor publiek zelf om te dansen, verspreid in de hele zaal.Er waren heel veel toilets, bars, banken om te chillen...RE: Disinformation agents: Remember “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Where are all the real anti war protesters-not the deep state agitators [Barcelona Agreement was made in 1995 by corrupt NWO western leaders!Sol-war]Please Note that I [Brit girl] have made a mistake in this video, There were 15 Member states involved in the Barcelona Declaration, not 28, this was a mistake, all other info stands and can be verified here:

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