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The time came however when brethren requested that they hear a biblical topic as well.

Since then, the Prayer Meeting became similar in format to the Worship Service, albeit, without the monetary contribution. The Prayer Meeting is done on Wednesdays and Thursdays at different schedules in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Guided by this scriptural principle, the church's registered name contains descriptive words "ang mga kaanib" in Tagalog or "members" in English to emphasize the group's association today, as "members" of the "Church of God" that is already established long time ago and was written in the Bible.

On December 10, 1936, the Church was registered with the Philippine government by Brother Nicolas Antiporda Perez as first church Presiding Minister with a Central Office in Natividad St., Pasay, Rizal (now Pasay City).

Since the year the church was established, church workers were being sent to the nearby provinces around Manila.

With a maximum capacity of 100,000 people, it is one of the world's largest convention center.

It is the main venue for church gatherings usually the weekly and quarterly thanksgivings (pasalamat) where it accommodate thousands.

The legal owner of the convention center is the Members Church of God International headed by Eliseo F. It also hosts other special events, sports activities, conferences, and meetings.

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As with any Church gathering, the Worship Service starts with congregational singing led by a choir. Paul’s admonition to first-century Christians in 1 Corinthians , this serves as a time to reflect and ready one’s self for prayer.They believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit but they adopt a nontrinitarianism orientation, rejecting the Trinitarian concept that there is "one God in three co-equal persons", which for them is against the Bible.They believe that the Father is greater than all, greater than Jesus Christ as declared by Christ himself.It started as a small group with less than a hundred believers in 1977.It is popularly known in the Philippines as Ang Dating Daan (English: The Old Path; abbreviated as ADD), the title of its flagship radio and television program and currently the longest-running religious program in the Philippines with Brother Eliseo Soriano as its "Overall Servant" (Former title: "Presiding Minister").Brother Nicolas Antiporda Perez, lead the church from 1928 until the time of his death in May 1975, the church was then a small group with less than hundred congregations.After Perez's death in 1975, Levita Gugulan, the secretary-general of the church, succeeded as presiding minister; Soriano countered the authority of Gugulan.Ang Dating Daan Convention Center o Pasalamatan ay isang 10.8 hektaryang lupain kung saan ito ay kayang maglaan ng humigit-kumulang 100,000 libong katao kung saan nagtitipon-tipon ang mga miyembro ng Members Church of God International sa kanilang Pasalamat sa Dios (International Thanksgiving) tuwing sabado at pagsamba. Ang ADD Convention Center ay pag-aari ng Members Church of God International na kasalukuyang pinamumunuan ni Bro. The ADD Convention Center is a multipurpose indoor facility at ADD Compound, a 50-hectare church compound in Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines.Worship Service schedules start from AM (PHT) onwards on Saturdays and Sundays.As the name implies, Prayer Meeting was originally a time for members to meet midweek to pray.

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