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Elián González (born December 6, 1993) is a Cuban engineer who, as a young boy in 2000, became embroiled in a heated international custody and immigration controversy involving the governments of Cuba and the United States; his father, Juan Miguel González Quintana; his other relatives in Cuba and in Miami, Florida; and Miami's Cuban American community. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) initially placed González with paternal relatives in Miami, who sought to keep him in the United States against his father's demands that González be returned to Cuba. Supreme Court declined to hear the case, by order of President Bill Clinton nominated Attorney General, Janet Reno's federal agents took González from the paternal relatives and returned him to his father in Cuba in June 2000.

A fourth community, Mount Union, was added in 1888.

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González and the other two survivors floated at sea until they were rescued by two fishermen, who handed them over to the U. He told her he tried to help get the water out and his mother's boyfriend placed him in an inner tube for safety.

"He said afterwards that he fell asleep and that when he woke up he never saw his mother again".

González's mother, Elizabeth Brotons Rodríguez, drowned in November 1999 while attempting to leave Cuba with González and her boyfriend to get to the United States. A United States district court ruling from the Southern District of Florida that only González's father, and not his extended relatives, could petition for asylum on the boy's behalf was upheld by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Many Cubans had left Cuba for the United States since the Cuban Revolution of 1959. policy had evolved into a so-called "wet feet, dry feet" rule.

This emigration was illegal under both Cuban and U. laws; e.g., any Cuban found at sea attempting to reach U. shores could be deported by the United States or be arrested by Cuban authorities. If a Cuban was picked up at sea or walking toward shore, they were repatriated unless they could make a claim of asylum.After it went under, the passengers clung to the inner tubes in cold water, with waves reaching heights of three to four meters (10 to 13 feet).Afterwards, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) released González to his paternal great-uncle, Lázaro. The Stark County portion of Alliance is part of the Canton–Massillon Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the small Mahoning County portion is part of the Youngstown–Warren–Boardman, OH-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area. Alliance's nickname is "The Carnation City", and the city is home to the University of Mount Union.If they made it to shore (or entered through Mexico) before encountering U. authorities, they were generally allowed to remain in the country.On November 21, 1999, González, his mother Elizabeth Brotons Rodríguez, and twelve others left Cuba on a small aluminum boat with a faulty engine; González's mother and ten others died in the crossing. González's cousin Marisleysis said González told her the motor had broken on the boat and its passengers had tried in vain to bail out the water with nylon bags, but a storm doomed their efforts.Melania Trump’s tweet read: “In recent days there has been a lot of inaccurate reporting and misinformation concerning my immigration status back in 1996.” She married Donald Trump in 2005 and became a U. “But when a person who really didn’t do anything to take a job from a U. Alliance is a city in Stark and Mahoning counties in the U. Alliance was founded in 1854 by the merger of three smaller communities called Williamsport (formed in 1827), Freedom (formed in 1838), and Liberty (formed in 1850).According to the Washington Post, González's father, Juan Miguel González Quintana, had telephoned Lázaro from Cuba on November 22, 1999, to advise that González and his mother had left Cuba without Juan Miguel's knowledge, and to watch for their arrival.Lázaro González, backed by local Cuban Americans, took the position that the boy should remain in the United States and not be returned to his father.

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