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Common Sense Media says this should be 13 but I think an average 11 year old can easily handle the violence, the violence is actually very mild, unrealistic and not bloody at all.

The player is in the role of a hero fighting against the baddies so the game has positive messages.

Heck, I've heard children even being disrespectful and running their mouth on there.

My suggestion is if you are going to let children play, don't let them have mics and go into the settings and turn off the chat options.

If your child plays online they are exposed to this. You are guaranteed a toxic player (very likely more than one; like on the school yard they "gang up and feed off each other").

* Blizzard has done some things that make it so blocking players doesn't work (no, you can't effectively block these toxic players because people were blocking "good" players). There is a "block player" command but I haven't seen it work, I still end up playing with people I've blocked... I'll leave it up to the reader to do a Google search to determine how effective reporting this to Blizzard is. It has been my experience that this is near useless, especially in Competition where it is expected you have a mic (team communication is very important in this game). I haven’t heard of anyone being banned from Overwatch for anything other than game modification (cheating).

The voice lines are usually tame, but some of the characters offhandedly mention alcohol to each other, threaten possibly killing each other and are generally at each others throats.

Also, the competitive mode is not a good place for children, as people can get very upset if someone is playing badly and begin shooting off at the mouth.

Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB, so treat it as a rated M game.

People online will not hesitate to tease your kid, especially if they decide to run their mouth.

The game has no sexual content, bad language or drinking/drugs (other than a character smoking a cigar which as long as your child knows not to smoke is fine) so I would recommend this game for ages 11 and up.

As an adult all in all I think this is a great game.

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