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9 9 9 9 consolidating debt

Be very wary of any loan that has a prepayment penalty.

Direct conversations that some lenders use allow consumers to provide information and context about credit scores, credit profiles, savings and other factors that indicate they are financially responsible.3. Some people consider refinancing or borrowing against their homes as a means of consolidating debt. Know when the introductory offer expires and what the new rate will be.

The AFCC’s code of conduct is even stricter than the Federal Trade Commission’s rules for the debt relief industry. But it does not address overspending or poor budgeting – issues that, for many people, created the original debt problem.

It also can be helpful to choose a firm whose debt negotiation staff obtains certification from the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.9. If you choose debt consolidation, whether through an online lender or other means, you must pledge to turn over a new leaf and start living within a budget.

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